A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


Module Three

Soil Sensory Activation Meditation

Our existence us surrounded by the three great intetconnected energy fields of Earth, Atmosphere and the Cosmos. Our hands are both the conducting threads and the steering wheels to direct the energies.

The video very effectively shows how we can draw energies from earth and circulate them in our brain where all our senses are located. This dynamic meditation sharpens all the five senses in a very short time.

The Process

  • When you first draw the energy from earth, let it have its passage through your spine and circulate it in your skull with rotation of hands in anti-clockwise direction atleast 20 times though video shows only a few rotations as an example.
    After 20 rotations are over, exhale through front of your body,kneeling down in front. Let your hands touch the earth.
  • Once you have kneeled down while exhaling , remember positively to repeat the same procedure 20 times, by drawing energy from front of your legs slowly upto the front lobe of your head and rotating energy of free flowing breath into the skull. You will observe that your rotation will be clockwise. This is not shown in video due to time constraint.
  • This moving meditation greatly oxygenates and refreshes your brain every morning in just few minutes and changes the tone of the start of your day with a spirited mind.
  • John Hopkins' latest update on Cancer says, it is a disease of the mind, body and spirit. It streeses that Cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment.
  • This is a short meditative exercise. It involves all pervasive deep breathing that circulates more oxygen down to the cellular level. .It greatly increases oxygen supply to the whole body,though the attention is on brain.
  • All Soil meditations are free with no monetary involvement of any kind now or later and are given unconditionally. However, learning this provides an opportunity for you to spread this movement by teaching others to better our world.
  • Your feedback will be communicated throughout the world for benefit of others.


  • There are slides and commentary which are self explanatory in English.
  • SOIL wants to greatly help people of all regions of the earth. Therefore it seeks help from those who woul help volunteer to translate this in popular language of your region.

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