A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


Module One


This simple but powerful 12 minute meditation is inspired by teachings and illustrations of the great living Taoist master, Mantak Chia.

We receive ssso many years of education and no one teaches how to pay attention to and smile to those who are closest to us-our body,its organs, our mind and our life. When we begin our mornings with a smiling , joyful and attentive communication with them it changes the very tone of day.

The Process

  • The inner quality of our meditation changes substantially when we place ourselves in infinitely vast mindscape that puts us in midst of The Earth, the Atmosphere and the cosmos . This video effectively shows how we can do this.
  • We live a life of inner morality when we pay for everything we receive free in life. When we do not acknowledge this, we live with burden of debt as if we have not paid for what we received..
  • Among the most important things we always receive free are:
    • Our body : Equipped with highly intelligent network of organs, muscles ,nerves, bones and energy flow, besides host of other things.
    • Our mind : Intelligent,creative and always connecting and renewing.
    • Life Force: The animating energy that renews, balances, heals and keeps you alive, all on its own.
  • When we touch them with a feeling of gratefulness and recognize their contribution to our precious life on daily basis, we start a new outlook of sacred contact with our inner core.
  • Acknowledge that body, mind and life force always acted in your favour and brought you where you are today, although you never greeted, smiled or thanked them for completely free contribution they made to your life.
  • The Meditation illustrates this attitude and the process very well. If you like this after practicing a few times, give your feedback, refer this to others and teach those whom you love.


  • There are slides and commentary which are self explanatory in English.
  • SOIL wants to greatly help people of all regions of the earth. Therefore it seeks help from those who woul help volunteer to translate this in popular language of your region.

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