A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



Vinola, born around 1945 in Mumbai, is the youngest of the three sisters and two brothers. She is also the one with highest education and a prestigious job. She graduated in commerce under difficult circumstances and got employed in Bank Of India, Mumbai where she served for a long time until she took advantage of Voluntary Retirement Scheme.

She married to Dr. Anil Parekh. Dr. Anil Parekh is an MBBS doctor and did private practice for a considerable time. I have known him to be very forthright, Honest and ethical doctor who never practiced as if he wanted to make great money out of his profession. By an attitude he has been a thinking doctor rooted in basics and compassionate to people he treats. Dr. Anil now has left his practice but is active with stock market.

Dr. Anil and Vinola Parekh have two son's. Prashant and Nishant. The eldest son, Prashant became a graduate in engineering. With great perseverance, after working for a while in Mahindra and Mahindra Mumbai, he went to Texas, USA, to do his Masters. The younger son, Nishant was unfortunately born with certain mental incapacities. He is now living in care of Adhar, a residential home for mentally handicaped, at Badlapur, Dist:-Thane.

Prashant is now married to Neha Parekh from Mumbai and works in Dell USA. He has a son, Reyansh and daughter, Naisha. Neha is very caring, a good mother and an intelligent housewife. She takes care of the whole family, including the one in india. Yet she remains a working woman in USA.

Among all the sisters and brothers Vinola is toughest, psychologically very resilient and persevering in whatever she does. She has a robust sense of economy, balance and responsibility. She is a great psychological support for both the sisters, Lina and Padam, she is bold in her presentation of things and generally does things all by herself including travelling and meeting people for fulfilling her responsibilities. She likes to read, study and remember things.

To me it appears that her heart is with Nishant whereas her mind is with Prashant and her family. While she take great care of Dr. anil, she has a great hopes in Prashant Parekh and Neha, her daughter in law. On the other hand, Prashant himself is well balanced, caring and very affectionate to his parents. He is the psycological strength that is behind the whole structure of the family.