A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



Vasanti, born in 1935 was the eldest member of my parents. She was just formally educated but she was very fair and a female replica of my father. She was very exuberant in her actions and expressions. To learn, to relate, to create and to establish relationship were her strengths.

Fortunately she got married to a very noble man Priyakant Dalal who was a stock broker in making. Priyakant was just formally educated. Vasanti built great relationship with families on Priyankant's side as well as my father’s side. In fact, she built a relationship with the environment in society where she was seen as a source of guidance and help.

Priyakant was very handsome, extremely honest and a basically a reflecting man with a particular quality of being reflexive that inculcated in him a capacity of seeing things from other man’s point of view. He was known for his generosity, charity and for being unbiased in judging things. Those are the qualities which Bombay Stock Exchange saw in him to make him the Chairman of their Arbitration committee. He was also later chosen as a trustee of Mumbai Stock Exchange.

In relationship, he was a long term man-very reliable and considerate. These qualities made him an ideal man for Vasanti. Really speaking, Priyakant was a man of reference for our whole family. He was a pillar of strength, a guide and a great help in all circumstances. In fact i started my business, Wudtools, mainly with his assistance in terms of monetary help, when i first came to Bombay to make my career.

Because of the qualities described here, he was seen as a reference in stock market, a trusting partner with m/s Broacha in business and a bond with his very large family of sisters and the brother. Until today, Priyakant is seen as an ideal man in the family and in business.

Priyakant had two sons: Nailesh and Vipul. While Nailesh is just a replica of his father Priyakant, Vipul is a thinking man of business. Vipul, it seems, is known for his corporate contacts and large images in business. At the same time he is practical. Together, Nailesh and Vipul, create a balance and necessary wisdom in daily life.

Vipul has one son Rohan who did a Diploma in Family Managed Business. Rohan is now a part of Dalal and Broacha, the stock broking firm. His strength is his grasp and communication.

On the other hand, Nailesh works very closely in Humanist Movement. He is basically the link and the bridge between the members all over India. Like his father, he is an expert organizer, generous in his approach and very resourceful. As far as an effort in Humanist Movement is concerned, Nailesh is a workhorse, an achiever and essentially a connecting link at all levels. He is basically a passionate unifier of people.

Nailesh has two sons Hriday and Nilay. Both of them vary greatly in their passions and characters. Hriday is married to Pallavi, coming from a very dignified Maharastrian family. Hriday is basically a communication man, inherits lots of qualities of Nailesh and is very cordial. I believe this should reflect in his business very positively. He has two very naughty sons, who are twins: Vihaan and Vivaan. They are in great harmony with Nailesh but the women behind their growth are Pallavi and Nailesh's wife Smruti.

On the other hand Nilay is a passionate sports performer at International level in swimming, cycling and running. Besides this there are many other things that i do not know. For all his qualities he is simple, humble and an achiever.

Refer to a seperate page on Nilay Dalal on his achivement in the international sports field, listed here.