A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



Surendra, now 79 (2016), is the eldest son of his father Vrajlal and mother Dhanvanti Parekh. Surendra had one brother Kishor, who died early in his life, and three sisters including my wife Lina. Born to a financially mediocre family, Surendra had no opportunity of higher education. So he used to do odd jobs for a long time, working hard to survive. However, at one point of time he got an employment with a large textile house where he served until he chose to retire.

Surendra married to Smita, the daughter of stock broker known to Surendra's father. The most important characteristic of Surendra is high amount of devotion to his Jain religon, to rigours of its voluntary penance, and unwaivering honesty. All these brought basically a simplicity and transperancy in the way he was living.

Though he did not make any great money, until today Surendra lives on bare neccessities as a way of life, in Mira Road, Mumbai. Although i have seen him as a troubled man, i have not seen him unhappy. He has remain contented, well related and completely satisfied with what life has given to him. Smita, his wife, is his main support even with her ill health.

Surendra and Smita have a son, Himanshu and a daughter Druvi. Himanshu, like his father, is absoultly honest, transparent and straight forward in his behaviour. He did a job for a long time but when he chose to start his own business, i believe, it was not his strength of know-how or expertise in the trade, but his sheer honesty, faith and uncomplicated behaviour that gave way to business opportunities.

For past few years Himanshu has been devoted unwaiveringly to the path shown by Shri. Rakesh Zaveri, who gives a way teachings of Shrimad Rajchandra.

Druvi is married in pune and has adopted a daughter. She is very well settled in a noble family.

Overall Surendra and my wife Lina are great support to each other. They live in exceptional harmony and with great satisfaction.