A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



My mother Prabhavati, hailed from a town called Mangrol in Gujarat. After Vasanti, my elder sister, i was her second child.

Throughout her life she was very proud of me, had great love and had very high expectation from me because of my brilliant and studious background of education. She chose Lina, my wife, very painstakingly with lot of effort and care. I immensly feel grateful to her for this very important contribution to my life. She always depended on me, with certainity, that i would be the one who will establish for the family, the first home in Mumbai. All circumtances favoured me to achieve this goal somehow. I always felt that her blessings played a vital role in this accomplishment.

She had a very tragic childhood background. She told me that her family had a dispute with a man in the town. The man was a lofer. He used to be in love with my mother's sister.

When he was denied a marrige proposal by her father, he crashed one day in the middle of the night in their house. He killed her parents and one of her brothers in front of her eyes. This was a big truma in her life which showed its scars throughout her life.

My mother was very courageous, very protective, practical and a complete woman of the family. She had great contribution in the life of his sons and daughters and we all greatly felt indebted.

The engagement between my father and mother was sort of an accident. My father used to have redness in the eyes due to some heat in the body. The family whose daughter was to be engaged with him, thought he was drinking. With this fear, they broke the engagement on the very day on which ceremony was to be performed. They did not appear on the occasion.

This was supposed to be inauspicious. But a neighbour in the family who knew my mother's family proposed her for engagement. In that moment, everything was then agreed in the circumtances and my father got engaged with my mother without knowing who she was and how she looked like.

My mother had four sons and two daughters. She found great security in my elder sister Vansanti's marriage to Priyakant, who was a very honest stock broker, a highly respectful gentleman and basically a family loving man. She loved her younger daughter Mohini. She was always concerned about her and her husband Harsukhlal who was, towards his retirement, a bank manager with United Commercial(UCO Bank). She was fond of all her four sons and wished that we always maintain harmony.

I always regret that due to my circumstances in Mumbai, i was not able to attend to her sufficiently during her last days. It was Jitu, his wife Parul, Kumar and his wife Shobhana who really took care of her at Latur. She died at the age of around 70.