A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



Padma Mehta, now 78 (2016), is the elder sister of Lina Sheth. Like Lina, she is originally a Bombayite, with in education perhaps upto matriculation. She is fairly good looking, very courteous, modest and hospitable. It is these qualities of hers that put a handsome man like Ramesh Mehta, a friend of her brother Surendra Mehta, in love with her on his first visit to her house. Although Padma Mehta came from very mediocre family financially and Ramesh Mehta came from a princely family from Morbi, Ramesh still insisted on marrying her.

Together they lived in a apartment Meghdoot on 5th road, Juhu. Their only son Smitin was born and brought up in Mumbai. Smitin was their greatest love and asset and they both very proud of him. Smitin grew up to be a tall and handsome boy, very modest and very affectionate. He graduated in india, got his MBA, and got married to a beautiful girl Trupti in 1986 in USA. Smitin had great affection for my daughter Nisha and my wife Lina. Nisha looked upon Smitin as her most loving brother and enjoyed her presence in the family.

Trupti came from very noble parents in Mumbai. She became MBBS and qualified further in USA as Doctor of Medicine(M.D). She is now practicing as a senior specialist doctor in one of the very prestigious hospitals in USA, Trupti was already very confident, beautiful and strong but, i believe she grew to be more resilient, practical and mature during Smitin's terminal illness as, she knew, she had to bring up her to growing daughters with responsibility, She fulfils that role admirably, within limitations of the times in which we are living.

Padma Mehta's life basically is centred around attending to the needs of home including the lavish living style of Ramesh Mehta. Her influence on Smitin Mehta as a very modest yet very confident character form the core of his character.

Padma Mehta along with my wife Lina and her younger sister Vinola made a great trio of friendship, love and interaction. In fact all of them are great support to each other.

Eventually, Ramesh Mehta on call of her sister, shifted to USA. There he worked, with just a basic education, very hard in Motels until Smitin matured to get a respectable job in USA. Later they shifted to Freemont in California as a joint family of father and son.

Smitin and Trupti have two daughters: Minoti and Niyoti. Both are in their teens and have now grown to be qualified graduates. A great role that padma mehta play was an upbringing and nurishing both minoti and niyoti eversince she was at the age of one and half years until she grew independant own her, even now padma is the chief care taker of both the children because Trupt their mother has to work day and night as a doctor in a renowed hospital kaiser permanente.

It was a shock that Smitin, very unexpectedly died of cancer in 2012. Since then i have seen Padma Mehta playing the role as a bridge between the generations, very adjusting, yet very forbearing. Her great hope and strength possibly comes from Trupti who is very capable wise and practical.

Padma Mehta is not only a great support but also the strength of my wife Lina, as well as Vinola, her younger sister.