A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



Nisha was our first child, born in 1964 in Bombay. In those days we lived in a long term rented one-room-kitchen Santorium in Santacruz. Our economic condition was struggleful. Future looked uncertain. Yet we got Nisha educated in one of the good school called Rosemanor Garden School at Santacruz.

Nisha was brilliant, creative and hard working. Her attention level was very good.

She saw in me her ideal and wanted to follow my footsteps by being an entrepreneur, independent and an employer. After matriculation, she chose to be a fashion designer through SNDT University at Santacruz. Even during her education, she was outstanding, bold and an extrovert.

During her school days, she fell in love with a Ajay Sharma. In the beginning, as a parent, i was skeptical and cautious but it was to Nisha's credit and Ajay's commitment that they never thought of flirting with each other. Their aim was clear, a bond for marriage. Seeing this commitment, i was pleased to agree with their marriage. Eventually Ajay became a Graduate in Business Management from NMIMS.

Nisha's creativity in imaging, and ajay's proficiency in managing made them a perfect pair for starting a business. Nisha started initially from my garage in Archana. She started to manufacturing dresses initially from my garage at archana and soon succeded in having a boutique and regular exhibitions. The particular characteristic that brought success was enthusiasm, creativity and great energy put by Nisha and a solid support brought by Ajay in manageing things. For Nisha, anything she wanted to do was impossible without Ajay.

Nisha started to have larger and larger manufacturing process from a garage to a slum to a regular industrial gala. Today Fantasia, her garment manufactring firm, is a fairly successful venture with their tie-ups with large malls and online outlets.

As an individual Nisha is very outgoing, connective and a person with a insightful creativity, she is very generous, giving by nature and individuals who has an abiding faith in higher power. She believes that everything would be fine in life because that power surrounds her life, her favorite image of higher power is Ganpati. Every year she and Ajay have a Ganpati festival at home where they will invite close to 500 people and offer dinner to each. Nearly 2 days of each year of Ganpati is a real festivity of music joy devotion an togetherness. The whole family fully participate in the festivity.

Linesh Sheth/Lina Sheth
10 Archna
45/45-A, Tagore Road,
Laxmi Villa Compound,
Santacruz (West),
Mumbai – 400 054.

Dear Nisha,

Before you came into our life, I never knew what it is to be a father of a lovely child. I was never fond of children until I fell in love with you as the bubbling, smiling, energetic child. I rushed home early from office, started late from home, just because you were there.

I could not afford nor did I have attitude to give special attention to you, to your training, like today’s parents are able to do. Yet, I am surprised at the way you grew up as an independent, intelligent, daring, adventurous child. While I was passive in my attention, I was active in support of everything you wished to do. It was Mummy’s role in caring for your health and upbringing.

You studied on your own, you did not take tuitions, you found out your own solutions. You chose your own buddy – Ajay, you chose your own college, the fashion design course and you passed with brilliance without any external help. That speaks of the stuff you are made of – all characteristic of a liberated woman - prone to break shackles that normally binds a feminine child and restricts her future. I honestly find that I cannot take any credit for the way you are formed. You unwittingly planned your own formation within the landscape you were born in. Nisha, your growth taught me that less we pamper, less excessively we take care of our children, or more we allow them to manage their own little affairs of life. More we help them to be independent; better they grow up as men!

On Ajay’s entry into your life, although both I and mummy were skeptical to begin with, it was a landmark phenomenon. It was a turning point. I think you always drew strength from Ajay's presence in your life. But your chief characteristics remained in taking initiative, pursuing what you chose and elevating whatever you did. Creativity of ideas were your strength, formation of vision was Ajay’s strength. You both complemented each other with unique personal contributions.

Thanks to Ajay’s instinct for growth beyond domesticity, or smallness of living parameters, you had to constantly move your factory premises, houses and ideas from one level to another. That defined dynamics of your life. The dynamics prevented you from becoming a mere housewife. You turned out to be a living showcase of creative expressions in life.

I want to acknowledge, Nisha, Your contribution to our lives, particularly Mummy’s. Mummy is what she is because you are what you are! You are Mummy’s life support, our little family’s dynamo, Ajay’s Strength, Abhishek and Avinash’s prime mover, and your in–law’s cause for connectively and coherence.

You are all this and more to me! Nisha, discipline gives order to life and is a cause for growth. Discipline has two dimensions - one that is born out of compulsions of lite and the other that is born out of volition, our own choice. Duties & pressures of business, society and family compel us to be disciplined in order that they are preserved. Such disciplines maintain our essential activities but they do not help our personal growth.

It is only voluntary discipline, one that is born out of our own volition, that brings growth in life. For example, when you bring voluntary discipline, you allot time for wellbeing of your body and your mind. You choose to do activities that help their maintenance and growth, say like allotting intentional order to your sleeping and getting-up time so that you have space in life for yoga, meditation etc.

I find Nisha that your life is only going one way –receiving stress, impatience and pressure. There is no exit to stress, which is possible only by learning how to deeply relax. By only accumulating, one can only damage the most important instruments he has – body & mind.

Nisha, this is my massage for you. Listen to it, follow it, overcome inertia & rebel in favour of life. What you do, others will follow.

Receive lots of love & lots of appreciation

Pappa & Mummy