A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



Nehal was born on 19 June 1978. She lived in Santacruz in our neighbourhood. We had a Humanist center in her building Lavina, where the members of the Humanist Movement used to meet. Amit also participated in Humanist Movement in those days. It was in Lavina that Nehal and Amit met and fell in love, committed firmly to marry.

I was happy with Nehal's sense of commitment not only to Amit but also to her Gym practices.She used to be a very early riser. She used to call on Amit at my home many times at 5 am in the morning for Gym workout. Nehal is basically less speaking, more focused in her life activities and quite disciplined.

She did her graduation in Commercial Designing. Working with images with creativity is her strength. She worked as a film Web Designer. I like her commitment, honesty and expertise in designing. She made posters, video covers and imaging for many famous films.


Nehal and Amit married 8th Feb 2003. They have two children: Saumyaa, born on 09 Dec 2006, and Amayaa, born on 11 Jan 2014. Nehal is a very careful mother.

She has trained Saumyaa in multiple faculties- Swimming, Dancing, Skating, Music, Handicraft etc. Saumyaa has picked up all these very well. Saumyaa has an inbuilt ability to multitask many skills. Today i know it from my biography how much important it is to acquire interest and engage ourself in multiple faculties of life so that we can finally choose what we love that suits us best. This aspect relates to balancing of characteristics of left and right hamesphers of brain. The new world is offering many new avenues of interests and learnings. This ability to learn with a focus help us adapt to the new world and enriches our life as we grow. One particular aspect of Saumyaa is that she expresses herself to the point, with considered opinion and with respect. This is the reason that lies behind her having many friends with whom she engages with lot of energy. Yet finally it would be interesting for her to be known as an expert in one or two faculties which would be her strength in life.

Amayaa has an in born rhythm built in her. She picks up rhythm on any song with a great ease and beauty. She is a fast learner and is a charm of the family. She particularly dotes on Amit and i have seen her completely change her playfullness in presense of Amit. While this is a fact, her main learnings of education, perceiverance and interests in life come from Nehal.

Nehal is also a good cook and great care taker of Amit. Her home is her strength. She greatly desires that she finds an avenue for expressing her inbuilt strenghth in life. At this moment she is working hard to accomplish that.

Linesh Sheth/Lina Sheth
10 Archna
45/45-A, Tagore Road,
Laxmi Villa Compound,
Santacruz (West),
Mumbai – 400 054.

Dear Nehal,

When you rang the bell at 6.00 in the morning, ready for workout to carry Amit with you, I knew the harbinger of change in our life had arrived. I liked your fitness, your alertness, your devotion and your passion. Thats what I always wished to have in my life. All this was before you become our family's daughter-in-law.

Nehal, you have lots of positive in you- you are adept at whatever matters for you in life, yours single-mindedness brings efficiency into whatever you do. Your togetherness with Amit has brought order and organization into your house as a unit, into Amit’s life as well-knit and desirable oneness.

I have seen and felt your care and your ability to pay attention. I see them in Amit’s lunch box you send in office-- a detailed, thoughtful, well-ordered lunch-pack. That is also what I see in the way you train Saumya for eating different tastes. Particularly i liked the way you co-ordinate her intelligence through games and toys, and through playful singing, to produce an understanding of what is coherence, which is an inter-related order into things.

Nehal, I know, you and Amit are intensely independent personalities who like to preserve their freedom of expressions in life. In a way, that is also the beauty and spice of life that asks for understanding each other’s individualities. That understanding helps us to rise above apparent and petty differences of opinions.

To live together joyfully in an environment of diversity among those who are close to us, is to lift life to a new level of dignity.

As early as you can, learn to meditate. To meditate is to learn to live with great ease and quietness with your inner self. Find a good teacher or an institution that can teach you this science. If nothing else join ‘Art of Living’, contribute to it, teach others and you will know what it is to touch and taste an altogether different world of energy, enthusiasm and of helping others.

We all have a threshold at which we get irritated or get dissatisfied with the way things are set in life. Lower the threshold, more easily dissatisfied we become. Only way we can increase the level of threshold is through contemplation on acceptance of life, the way it is, and through helping others. I earnestly wish, this happens in your life.

Nehal, I have not always been kind to you. Before I am gone, I ask for compassion, your forgiveness for hurt I ever caused to you or to your family, Who knows, whether there will be another time ever available for asking for this kindness from you.

Live with joy, have understanding for others and bring up Saumya with lots of love, fun and joyfulness. Then those aspects will become foundation of her life.

Pappa and Mummy