A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



I came to know Neha a little more than a year back. I learnt that she was a Maharastrian girl, coming from a learned and a dignified family. I had a good feel about her right in my first meeting with her. I was glad that she was going to part of our family with Abhishek.

Neha's parents make a very fine pair. They both have distinct expertise. Her father, Satish Bhat is a welding technologist and her mother has been in teaching profession. Neha holds both of them in great respects while she loves her entire family.

As i knew her more, i found that she was communicative, intelligent and very organised. She loved to be associated with our family. She makes quick friends, she has lot of friends herself and with Abhishek, they have a basketfull. A particular characteristic of their friends is that they come from a good cultural envirnoment, with very nice family background.

It was little pleasant surprise to me that Neha became fond of my wife, Lina, her Nany. By far elder than her. Lina also became very fond of her.

Both Neha and Abhishek gel together very well. Neha is completely absorbed in home and has gone on taking responsibilities. Nisha tells me often that both she and Ajay like her being integral with the family. For me, Neha as she is, very fine but i believe that as years go by she will become more of an asset to the family with her children.

Its not difficult for me to understand that with the diverse capabilities in communication, language and organisation, she would be another replica of Nisha - a strong family woman with responsible business abilities. To me she looks capable of moulding herself into any responsibility she undertakes in business but surely will balance her responsibilities at home, just as Nisha does.