A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



Mohini was the third issue to my parents after Vasanti and me. Mohini was basically very dear to my parents. A particular aspect of Mohini was that she was very contented, generally happy and a smiling woman. She married to Harsukhlal Parekh, also a very satisfied man and a great gentleman, employed with UCO Bank, Mumbai until he retired. Harsukhlal and Mohini first lived in Ghatkopar, and then shifted to Borivali. Unfortunately Mohini died early at an age of 52 during an operation. Harsukhlal died at 79.

Harsukhlal was a simple, music loving, family man. During his college days, he was a captain of National Cadet Corps(NCC)and was athletic. He was also a captain of his college cricket team. He had two sons, Harshesh now 52, Manish and a daughter Naxita.

Manish was a very loving person settled at Pune. He is survived by his wife Tejal and son Virang, now studying in 10th standard. A particular aspect about Tejal is that she transformed herself into a very bold and responsible woman after Manish's death at 40. She manages a small business of a servicing center of Wudtools .

She has trained Virang into a very expressive, bold and confident boy, who shows signs of courageous man. It appears that Virang he has sensed grasp of responsibility towards his and the family's future.

Harshesh is associated with Wudtools as an export executive, is very quiet, contented and a satisfied man. He has married to the daughter of friend of mine Madhukar from Hydrabad. Ginni is one of the finest women in the family. Harshesh and Ginni have a son Vatsal and daughter Kosha.

While Vatsal today is in 9th standard, Kosha, an intelligent and a pretty girl, is BE in Electronics and telecommunication. She is now studying for her Masters in Wireless Communication at Maryland, USA.

Naxita now 51(2016), is a commerce graduate. She has evolved from a shy girl i knew, to a bold communicator having independent views on many topics. She is not only a good housewife and a mother; she is also an able companion to her husband Parimal Merchant.

Parimal Merchant, now 56, is very well known professor and a guide in Family Managed Business, now with SP Jain School of Global Management. Parimal Merchant is very close to me in more than one dimension of life. Therefore his reference is also found in the module of colleagues i have worked with, particularly because of my proximity with him in humanist movement.

Parimal and Naxita have a very precocious child, called Devanshi, now 18(2016). Devanshi studies in 12th standard. She has lived with families in France under students exchange programme. She is very clear for her age at the way she thinks about a subject. Her clarity and different points of view have many times amazed me. Her boldness in participation in several meeting of Humanist Movement has been very curious, inquisitive and bold. I believe, she shows signs of an independent thinker in society to influence a large number of people if she joins a particular current of thought in life.