A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



Manav was born to Anish and Mona in 1997. At 19, he has completed his matriculation, has completed IB and is doing bachelors in management studies.

I have a special rapport with him due to his unusal interest in philosophy and in knowing the History of Thought. At the age of 16, he studied the history of philosophers, their emergence in certain time of history and influence the thoughts they created, on humanity. His discussions with me on the history of thought has suprised me many times. I believe, that if he pursues this interest, he would become an outstanding fellow among his colleages. This will also deepen his interest in thought, process of thinking and its evolution.

Manav looks intellengent in his grasp of things. He is creative in his ideas and generally adheres to projects he undertakes. Although i have seen some deviations occuring in some of the things he started and pursued, i believe, his conviction in perseverance of things will mould his character.

He has a passion for dance, music and sports. That passion drives him to pursue these interests, which show themselves in his performances many a time or on stage in family gatherings. Manav is tall, handsome with a well maintain body. He is good gymnast.

Like his father and mother, Manav is basically a family man. He has seperate groups of friends according to interest but i have seen him having very close bond with parth and niyoshi who are his cousins, son and daughter of aplesh and tina. He has never expressed his ambitions to me but i think he is at the stage of forming his image of the future.

As Manav has a good grasp of how history is built, he also has the idea of the history of efforts taken generationally in building the present business in toolings. This business looks forward to his focused participation for its growth.

I personally believe that he has a great learning envirnoment in being close to Amit for economic strategies and being close to Anish in creating futuristic images. Overall, there is a platform of business ready for him to show his creativity, intelligence and acumen.

I personally look forward to Manav to have a great quality of Adherence, focus and elevation in things he undertakes. He is not an ordinary member of our family. The family has a great investment in him as a protector of its interests.

Linesh Sheth/Lina Sheth
Your Dada & Dadi
10 Archna
45/45-A, Tagore Road,
Laxmi Villa Compound,
Santacruz (West),
Mumbai – 400 054.

Dear Manav,

I am yet to meet a grandfather who has written a thoughtful letter to his grandson. Ask your friends if anyone has received such a letter from his grandpa. Manav, i am lucky that you can read this, understand my feelings and share yours with me.

You were born in Archana and I have seen your growing as a child here. But what you are now at Kandivali is way ahead of what you were at Archana. Here your mom was everything for you, she was the one who took great care. At Kandivali it is your father. The chemistry you have with your father was the same alchemy that I had with my father. He is still alive within my heart. I never allowed him to recede in my life, as a mere memory.

I see in you today a playful, lighthearted and unitive boy – one who connects & unites people. I see in you a boy who shows promise of a great learner in life, a kind and respectful human being. Your capacity to grasp complex things in a simple way, and your willingness to learn new things in life is what makes you promising. You are humble yet confident, you are innocent, yet intelligently thinking man. That is how I describe you because this what I see in you.

Manav, i was born in a small village. Then it was Latur in 1939. I was educated in Hindi, spoke Marathi and learnt English, without a teacher, through dictionary, newspapers and books, after I went to college in Hyderabad. I was a brilliant student, very strong in mathematics, with a great penchant for learning experimenting and growing up in life.

I never had ordinary people around me as my models. I always kept big people - people with big dreams for their life and for others – as my models. I read always biographies of creative people like Walt Disney and of people who influenced others through their thoughts – like Silo, Gandhi, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Ken Wilber, Thich nath hanh, Gurdjieff as written by Ouspensky – and their actions in life. They influenced me greatly, put me on big imagination mode and inspired me to read intensely and with lot of attention.

I realized late in my life, after I was 40 years, that earning money, making a career and developing a family and circle of friends is one of the necessary aspects of life. What is necessary requires us to have discipline, regularity and attention.

However when we do only necessary activities, we live to survive in life, pass time and eventually retire, fulfilling our responsibilities of life. Nevertheless, with just necessary activities we do not grow in life internally. It does not give meaning to life. It does not unfold our potential, our possibilities of what can become !

Second type of activity is voluntary activity that we do without any compulsion, on our own. Voluntary activities include all that develops our body, mind or energy. That includes energy building practices, yoga, meditation, breathing techniques. If you extend the field it will include Judo, Karate, Learning to develop attention, to do selfless acts, to help others, to teach important things of life to other without taking anything in return, to join institutions that do voluntary work, like ‘Art of Living’ etc.

Manav it's important to understand that learning skill is a small part of self development. Mastering what we learn is a greater part. Among mastery, mastering of attention, mastering of images and mastering of visualization are the specializations that lift one far above the ordinary.

I have written a special book on my experience on these techniques. Book is called ‘my experiments with meditations and meditative practices’. The book is still a manuscript in handwritten form. Someday you must read it carefully.

Abhishek, Avinash, Saumyaa, Amayaa and other cousins are all your big family. Develop very cordial relationship with them. Take your father as your guide and your mother as your source of love. Take care of them until their last breath.

Develop your strength and become essentially a master. Do not remain just interested, take deep interest in what you learn.

Finally remember following rules of life :-

1) Thoughts produce and attract actions

You will attract in your life actions, things and people exactly according to the ways you think.

2) Repeated thoughts produce & attract stronger actions.

Only those thoughts really influence our life that we constantly repeat, read and discuss with others. We also attract people and things in the way we repeat.

3) Thoughts repeated with faith produce and attract actions of maximum strength.

This happens when we learn how to repeat our thoughts. These are among the strongest rules of life.

Manav, as far as possible, do not read novels. Read only what is useful but keep reading habits. Read biographies & literature that improve life. Learn yoga, essentially learn how to meditate and how to think deeply. There is a meditation system called ‘Vipassana’- See it in internet. There are centres around the world that teach. Vipassana teachers how to thinks productively & deeply. Follow breathing techniques. There are several teachers.

Remember one golden rule of life. Your life will be built only with ordinary around you, people and things included, by default, when you do not intentionally choose. With ordinary surrounding, it is almost impossible to become extraordinary. To become extraordinary you have to choose by intention, learnings, type of people and environment that help you grow in life. So remember, to remain ordinary or to rise above ordinary is the choice, that tells you which environment you choose to develop and remain with.

Do not get lost in entertainment of life, add substance to what you are! Remember me when you meditate, I will always be with you spiritually, irrespective of whether I am there in this world or not.

Receive my blessings & lots of love.


Manav, my father’s name was Dullabhadas. He was a very kind, very lovable, very communicative person. He was Man Of The Town-Latur. Everyone knew him. If there is anything good in me, I owe it to my father. I borrowed immensely from him. But he did not leave anything in writing for me.

My father’s father was Fulchand and his father was Chapsi, I knew Fulchand, my grandfather, but he treated me as it I did know what life is. It is not like the way I treat you, see above letter. So I want to break the trend.

Dada-Linesh Sheth
Dadi-Lina Sheth