A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



Lokendra now 72(2016), is the fifth child of Dullabhdas and Prabhavati Sheth. Right from childhood, among all brothers, Lokendra was more attached to me. So when it was time for brothers to part, my father asked me to take responsibility of one of my brothers to educate and train him to be with me and my business. I chose Lokendra. Lokendra came from Latur to stay with me at Mangrol Vanik Nivas at Santacruz in one room accommodation given to me by the Mangrol Samaj.

Lokendra did his Diploma in Engineering from Ghatkopar and joined me in Wudtools. It was later i realized that it was not a good plan to ask Lokendra to join Wudtools straightaway as a partner without any experience of serving elsewhere. I realized that a serving outside your family business inculcates a sense of experience, discipline and responsibility. Without that kind of training, it becomes the responsibility of the family head to instill those qualities.

But somehow Lokendra got trained from a very shy boy to a bold business man through his visits to customers and training. When Wudtools opened factories at latur, Lokendra took liking to be associated with manufacturing, administration and finance. Over a period of time, he was engaged full time with all the activities. That gave me free time to create not only alternative business in Total Tools but also to pursue my interests in humanist movement and with spiritual masters. I owe a lot of what i am today to Lokendra's engagement with Wudtools.

Lokendra got married, soon after his engineering qualifications to Nirupama who hailed from a place called Gondal in Gujarat, though her brothers lived in Mumbai. Over a period of time, we shifted to Archana where, after living a few years together, we were able to buy a nearby house at Lavina on Tagor Road. Nirumpama is a very practical lady, engaged in spiritual teachings of Shrimad Rajchandra(Rakesh Bhai Zaveri of Dharampur).

Lokendra and Nirupama have two sons, Chaitanya and Jainil, and daughter Monika Sheth Mathur. Monika derives the surname Mathur from her marriage with Vicky Mathur. Monika and Vicky Mathur have two daughters.

Both Lokendra and Chaitanya were involved in Humanist Movement intensely. First Lokendra travelled to scores of villages near Latur to integrate the rural population near Udgir and Nanded into the ideology and the way of working of Humanist Movement. Later Chaityana joined the mission at Latur along with Lokendra. Chaityna got very well versed in Marathi and was able to integrate, under guidance from Lokendra, lot of people into Humanist Movement.

At a particular Juncture in life, a time came for me to part with Wudtools to take charge of Total Tools and Equipment Private Limited along with Anish and Amit. It was more or less this period that Chaityana got involved with his new ideas and abilities to manufacture and manage Wudtools to assist Lokendra.

In all these moments, i saw Jainil getting involved very gradually into the responsible aspect of Wudtools. Jainil is married to Parinaz in a very respected Parsi family. Jainil and Parinaz have a daughter born in 2016.

Monika, with Vicky Mathur and their two daughters consititute a compact family where Vicky's mother is the main person. Vicky is an enterprising person while Monika is creative in many ways. Together they form a happy family.

Today Lokendra and Nirupama are the backbone of their individual family. Lokendra is wise, considerate and has a lot of respect for me and my wife Lina.

Chaityana, on the other hand, is remembered by my wife always as a great care taker whenever she is ill. He has a lot of respect and affection for my wife.