A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



Leena was about 22 years of age when she married me. She came from a very religious jain family which was simple, honest and without many resources. financially the family was medicorera.

We had an arranged marriage, but just before the day of engagment i happened to see her in a beautiful saree in a temple at bazaar gate in mumbai where i visited by a chance. When i saw her i wished i had a wife like her. She was beautiful, very dignified and traditional. It was later a discovered to my surprise that their parents had made an offer to my parents for her marriage with me. To me it was a mysterious coincidence.

Lina's education was possibly upto 10th standard. She had a training in nursing. She carries that trait of caring and nursing in our day to day life even today. A distinct characteristic of hers was to be very connective, friendly and interrelating with the whole family. From the day one of our marriage, she lived with the idea of devotion, forbearance and togetherness under all circumtances. We have completed over 50 years of marriage and if today we are living a unitive, conflictless life, it is largely because she is a great reconciler. For her, to live in harmony is the basis of life, harmony is permanent, conflicts are temporary.

Due to differences we have between our educational levels, interests and passions in life, we have had often conflicts between us but it is always she, who has finally brouhgt reconcilation, resolution and peace at home. When i contemplate today on passage of my life i feel immensly greatful to her. For me to live in her absense is almost unbareable. She is my abiding love.

Lina has two sisters and two brothers. The eldest sister is Padam, who is married to Ramesh Mehta, and settled in Freemont USA. Her younger sister is Vinola, married to Dr. Anil Parekh. She lives at Borivali. Her eldest brother is Surendra, living at Mira Road, and younger brother was Kishor, who expired early in life due to a chronic illness.