A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



Kishor, was the youngest among brothers and sisters. He was tall, fair and handsome. He was not much educated but his saving grace he got employed at Dena Bank at Horniman Circle, Mumbai until his demise at the age of 42. It was unfortunate he died early in life due to prolonged illness. The particular feature of Kishor was that he had a tremendous zeal for life, laughed a lot and had his own group of friends with whom he lived with abundance.

The most important happening in Kishor's life was his love marriage at the age of 25 with Ranjan. Ranjan was not just his wife; she was his life-support, his strength and his unfailingly loving companion.

Ranjan, after Kishor's death, was employed by Dena Bank in his place where she worked, learned and developed her abilities of clarity of understanding, clarity of speech and worldly practicality. The most important aspect of Ranjan was her ability to communicate with every member of the family, her ability to reconcile and to find her strength from within herself in face of difficulties. Biggest support of Ranjan was her own mother's family.

Ranjan lived at Pantnagar Ghatkopar along with her only daughter Purvi. It was during those days that she developed a great affinity with the teachings of Shrimad Rajchandra, the great Jain ascetic founder of a very popular sect within Jainism. It is historically well known, as mentioned in Gandhi's autobiography, that he used to consider Shrimad Rajchandra as his spiritual guru. He sought guidance from him often he faced internal conflicts and needed answers and guidance.

Ranjan just did not follow teaching of Shrimad; she absorbed; merged and lived with those teachings with great inner satisfaction till her last breath at the age of 70.

Purvi married very happily to Jaymin in Chhatbar family. Purvi loved her mother, saw a model in her. she drew strength from her mother's way of living , Purvi became a graduate and is now teaching a set of students in advanced studies for graduation. she has a daughter Prisha. Her husband is doing independant business. Purvi has merged with her husband's family very harmoniously.