A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



Jitesh, called Jitu, was born in 1956. He is the youngest of our brothers and sisters. Formally educated up to matriculation, Jitu was very dear to my late parents. Particular aspect is his character is his ability to communicate, relate and go ahead in life. That is the reason, when he got involved RSS activities; he was drawn into the political wing of BJP. He was very committed in his political affiliation. His house served as the center of political activities in early days. The BJP minister Gopinath Munde became his close friend and used to stay with him.

Jitu's political honesty and affinity were so strong that even India's prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, when he visited Latur in around 1998, opted to stay in Jitu's house as a Prime Minister and dine with him. For a Prime Minister of a nation like India, this is a very unusual gesture.

Besides some industrial activities, Jitu mainly handled one section of our family business in wholesale and retail medicine.

The heart of Jitu's life always remain with his lifelong love, his wife, Parul, Jitu fell in love with Parul when she was a neighbor when me and my wife stayed in Mangrol Shrimali Samaj building in Santacruz. Jitu was then staying with us for his education. It was my wife who arranged their coming together and got them married. Once married, Jitu had Parul as obsession of his life.

Parul was also the central figure of love and affection within our brother's and sister's families. Parul was a great host and also a very melodious singer. Some of her main bhajans and songs are still remember and sang by Vaishu her daughter who has also a very melodious voice. Parul was very dear to my mother. She enjoyed her bhajans. Parul served her in illness till my mothers last breath.

It was unfortunate that Parul died early in life in year 2010. The disappearance of Parul caused a major upheaval in Jitu's family, particularly his personal life. I believe a sort of loneliness and disenchantment crept into Jitu's life. However, a great saving grace came from Vaishali, their daughter.

Vaishali is a great support to his father though she went to USA and stayed there for over a couple of years. Her return from USA brought a sort of a light and healing touch into Jitu's life. Vaishali is a full of life and an intense dog lover. To save dogs, to rescue them from streets and abandonment is her mission. It is a noble mission appreciated by many.

Jay is Jitu and Parul's son. He is formally educated. He is yet to be grounded into a major line of business or occupation in life. He managed a factory in Latur for making knives. He is now stationed in Mumbai with his wife Shraddha. Sharaddha is a devoted housewife and a former teacher. Jay and Shraddha have a daughter, Hitanshi. Hitanshi is their love and center of attraction.

Overall Jitu's life is in process of healing, gaining order and balance.