A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



Bodhkumar now 73 was born in 1944 in Latur. He was the fourth child after Vasanti, Linesh and Mohini. In looks he is the replica of my father. Tall, fair and handsome by nature, he is bold, enterprising and a workaholic. By education he hardly completed his matriculation but had a creative and expensive business sense. He was mainly instrumental in expanding the retail and wholesale business in medicine named as Chapsi Sons and Multi trade combines in Latur, started by my father Dullabhdas Sheth.

Kumar got married to Shobhna, daughter of Dineshbhai Banker from Hyderabad. Main strength of Shobhna is her capacity to manage and nourish the whole family, particularly the education and training of the children. Both Shobhna and Kumar have a very affectionate and respectful relationship with my wife Lina.

Kumar and Shobhna have Parimal, a mechanical engineer, as their eldest son. Parimal is passionate about business, health and music.

One person who has added beauty, grace and creative expansion to the whole family is Parimal's wife Sangita now 48. Sangita is multitalented. Besides being a Commerce graduate, she is a diplomat in business Management and computer application. She is a trained Bharat Natyam dancer and teacher of Garba and Dandiya. She is tall, pretty and with a very flexible dancer's body. She is known in Latur for a very well-known nursery school where she trains about 100 students. Sangita is very modest, humble and keeps excellent relationship with the whole extended family.

                                                                                                                                                                Seema, Kumar's eldest daughter, born in 1971 is a commerce graduate, married in Mumbai to Dhimant Shah, CA and a well-known Financial Analyst. While Seema is a hardcore family woman with high attention on upbringing her family, Dhimant is brilliant in his profession. He is an intelligent investor, advisor and an investor guide to many.

Sheetal, born in 1974, is an interior designer, very creative, exuberant and passionately in love with life. Handicraft, glass etching and creating designer jewelry are her strength. She is married to Jatin who is in business of jewelry for a long time. Jatin is a family loving man and very friendly with people. They have a daughter, Anoushka whom they are training very well. Together Jatin and Sheetal make a very adjusting and fine pair.

Kumar is now a grandfather with Parimal's son Aniket. Aniket is a MBA and just engaged in 2017 to her girlfriend in Latur, named Karishma who is also a MBA.

Overall Kumar's is a well-connected, very fulfilled , active and engaging family.