A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



Anish, now 46, was born in 1970 in Mumbai. Health was not his strong point during childhood.In his growing period as a child, i was in the midst of building my career. It required me to travel continuously throughout India and sometimes out of India. That hardly gave me much time to look after him with special attention, as compared to today's parents.

The credit for Anish's growth goes almost fully to my wife Lina.She was extremly careful and adamant in pursuing his education. Anish passed matriculation from Rose Manor Garden School Santacruz, not with an outstanding record. However i had very high hopes on him. By reciprocation, he had lot of faith in my vision of things about his future.

It was during school days at Rose Manor that he had intimate realationship with Mona. Their relationship was genuine and they were committed to marry. As they were, they looked a very fine pair, compatible and completely in love with each other. Their togetherness was refreshing.

I wanted him not to pursue a graduation in engineering, but specifically to do a diploma in Mechanical Engineering. I wanted him to do specialization in toolings, which was central to our business. He exactly followed that. He passed diploma in engineering from Vartak Polytechnic in Vasai and did specialzed tooling course from Bhagubai Polytechnic, Vile Parle.

As he joined the family business, i could gradually discover that he was creative, with strength in searching and imaging. His perspective about overall grasp of things and analysis of situations in life or business was unusual. As a result, he developed the business of toolings with a deeper technical perspective since he had good knowledge about applications of toolings and diagnosis of faults.

As an extension of Total Tools, he was instrumental, along with Amit, in starting a new venture, called MTS Toolings Private Limited. MTS initially collaborated with Matrix toolings of Italy, Specializing in Turret Punching and Bending Tools. The factory was located in Pune. MTS toolings, at this moment, has a good potential that needs to be unfolded.

Basically Anish is a hardcore family man, deeply in love with his family, including family of Mona, his beloved wife. Among the family circles, even after nearly eighteen years of marriage, people see both Anish and Mona as Romeo and Juliet.

Hobbies of Anish are photography- he did a spcialized course in photography- and singing. He likes to perform on stage as an amateur singer, as deep familarity with film songs of different genre. Along with his large circle of friends he has even started a group of amateur singer to perform regularly on stage. Anish likes fun, humor and company of friends.Lately, he has become a yoga enthusiast and it appears that health is now his special interest. Somehow Anish has gathered a special interest in the field of medicine, understanding of medical intricacies and communication with doctors from point of view medical relevance.

They have a son called Manav who is now 18 years of age and has passed matriculation.

Personally i very much like Anish for his thinking abilities, his grasp of things and for his caring of health aspects of the family. I personally feel that Anish has to develop more energy, more attention on economics of business, implementation of images and dynamics of involvement with what matters most in business.

He has all the poetential. I believe that he is on his way. He is one person with whom i share my concerns, visions and worries. For me he is my confidant. I have always wished that he learns from me the science of rejevunation of body and circulation of energies in different parts of the body. He knows my specialization but somehow, time has not come for us to share this science.

Linesh Sheth/Lina Sheth
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Dear Anish,

My father was very kind. He was very ideal. I respected him for everything he was. I admired him, loved him, followed him and to this day, I have not allowed him to die. He "lives" in my heart as I always smile while remembering him. Yet I regret that it never occurred to me to ask him to leave the essence of life, as he knew, in writing for me to contemplate upon. He had beautiful handwriting, though.

I never knew who my Nana was nor did I know my grandfather intimately as he always treated me like a child, not the way I treat Manav today. So I thought I should break this tradition of incommunication between generations.

Each one of us should know his roots, the landscape in which his forefathers lived, who they were and what were their values of life. If possible generations should communicate among themselves with lots of love, if they happen to live & exist during same period of time. We have right to know our history, or to know geography, from which we derive our origins.

So, I thought I should write to the members of generations I live together with and tell them whatever I could, that lends meaning to our collective life.

Anish, I feel, we all are living in times wherein there is crisis of recognition of others’ contribution in our lives. There exist a crisis of appreciation of what positives others are made of. We have become so ‘busy’ – so, self-centred, that we have almost forgotten this invaluable necessity of life. At best what we are left with are ‘cards’ that mechanically thank & appreciate everyone in a telegraphic language. The cards miss the depth of expression. From that point of view, I find you as very sensitive in both recognition and appreciation. I think few have known me as intimately as you have. I feel grateful to you for being so close to me.

It took quite some time for you to ‘arrive’ in my life! You were beset with your own personal difficulties, mainly concerning your individual family. I do not know what happened but suddenly i saw you ‘arriving’ in my life, to take charge, to guide and to conduct the business operations.

I always felt very grateful to you that you listened to me in following your educational career so that you could be useful to the trade we are in. And you developed deep insights into application of tools we were selling. Although you were reserved always in your expressions, I saw you developing good writing skills. That skill gave you ability to put substance and meaning into your communications with customers as well as with family members.

No one appreciated or read the ‘The Book’, i wrote, except you. You made maximum use of the book in our business – you put value to it. Through the trait of contemplation – a faculty of looking deeply into things – you developed insights into what our business is, where we can go and how. This was your most valuable contribution.

When Amit came, you found a buddy that fulfilled what you lacked. You appreciated it, liked it and took a peculiarly complementing role. That made Total, what it is today.

Your understanding of Mona’s life situation was unique. It was beyond what a doctor can understand. You carved out an exit from a possible abyss. I admire your faculty of insight.

I have always found you free from resentment (stored anger), jealousy, competitiveness or revenge. You reconcile fast with anyone, you repair what is damaged in relationships and you create new opening when things are blocked. That is what makes you an invaluable asset.

Yet, lethargy – both bodily and mental – is your main enemy. You need to be pushed/prodded into taking action. You understand your body’s conditions and harm it can do to you. However your mind does not support your body to move to exercise, to jog, to choose to do Yoga. You do not know Anish but simplest way out of this is to ask for help. Find a friend, join a class for a long time (not short time), or get a very regular teacher that wakes you up very early to set a new, refreshing routine. I had same problem and I asked for a solution to Fernando. It was Fernando who showed me the way and I hired Shastriji for 2 years.

Anish you also have good inslight for new places and their judgements. I see that you replicate me in a new way in this aspect. We all owe a lot to your initiative in adding this dimension.

There is lot to mention about your proximity and creativity regarding relationship with our collaborators. With addition of Matrix you have started chartering new dimensions. Your complemention with Amit, your support to him and your understanding are all foundation that makes us who we are.

I know how much you care and contribute to Manav’s life. It is more than what I can say.

Mummy finds peace when he thinks of you and I find support and understanding in you. All this I will carry with me as essence, as your love, when I depart.

I think life may survive a few more years but usefulness of body-mind organisation can cease earlier. It is in those times, when one is no longer able to do what he wishes, that one needs help. And I and mom count upon all of you.

It was all joy living with you Anish. I think you have more contribution in my life than I have in yours. Yet I ask for your forgiveness, your generosity for hurt me and mom may have ever caused you or your family in any way.

Closely yours,
Linesh Sheth
Lina Sheth