A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



Amit was born on 16 Jan 1978. Our times were better when Amit was born. So comparatively, me and my wife were able to nourish him well. He was very handsome and playful right in his childhood. He studied in Rose Manor Garden School. He was fairly good in his studies.

During his studies, Amit had ambitions and ideas of a better life in US than in India. So he was always desirous of going abroad. To begin with, he was not much interested in joining the family business.

He believed that knowledge of gaining financial strength is better than having a technical expertise. Accordingly he studied his FCA with a good financial understanding.

He saw his mentor in Parimal Merchant, who is a very close friend of mine. Parimal Merchant was a professor in SP Jain School of Management, teaching Family Managed Business(FMB). It was a suprising turn around when Parimal Merchant, during Amit's graduation in FMB, guided him to strengthen and expand the family business, by overcoming its weaknesses. His interest in Total Tools was a change agent for shifting its business turnover, its business pattern and profitability.

Learning from the experience i passed through in my way of doing business, he was firm in creating money on his own rather than running the business in traditinal way. He was right on the dot in his understanding. With his ideas, he not only changed the shape of Total Tools size and scale, he also changed the pattern of doing the business in the group.

Amit showed by example and by his way of doing business that it is not always neccessary to be a technical expert to pursue a technological business. He showed that the main thing in business is the economic sense and the share of the total business you can acquire. Over a small time, i have seen him understand the core of the technicalities of our product line.

What made him really succeed is his understanding of what really make sense in a technical business like total tools'. He understood that selling a product line does not make the whole sense untill it is supported by a sound service facilities. With these ideas, he opened up state-of-the-art service centres at major points of our business application.

In that process it was his native sense of evaluation that he chose mr. Rajendra Panchigar, his father-in-law, who had a unique technical insight into running and repairing of the CNC Machines. What i like about Amit is his image of the future, his drive for well ordered expansion. He is a hardcore business man and has openness in trying new methods and new lines for expansion. This drive is his strength, although sometimes i see him getting frustated. This could be possibly because he feels himself alone in his drive.

Amit finds his pleasure in three things: Business, School friends and, above all, in his family. His school friends make an indivisible part of his happiness. He enjoys their company, he travels with them and seeks inspiration.

Basically Amit is a hardcore family man. He loves his close family. Nehal is his strength. Saumyaa, their first child, has grown to be very pleseant, wise and mingling girl. Amit finds a great fun in Amayaa, their second child, particularly in her palyfulness. Any disturbance in his fitness regime or in rhythm of his family disturbs him most. He always strives to maintain a balance by solving most of the problems by communication, phone and friendship.

Amit is very close to his mother, Lina, being her smallest child. She dotes on him and his family. She always feels that she would be very happy if Amit communicates with her more lovingly. In essence, Amit is one who has taken greatest care of me and my wife by choosing, hand in hand with Anish, the best home, Tapovan, that we could imagine. They took care of not only her comfort but also her concern for being close to Jain temple.

Amit is my strength, He is also my trust and confidence. Though our communications are meagre, my love for him is abiding.

Linesh Sheth/Lina Sheth
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Dear Amit,

Years have gone by since I and mom once waited for you to be born. I made your horoscope at Janmabhoomi newspaper. A very close friend of mine at Batliboi, an amateur astrologer, looked at it and told me that ‘this boy’ is going to be shining star of your family. “He would be the one who would bring change of stage. Practical down-to-earth and brilliant, he would fulfil your lacks in life and open new possibilities”.

That was about 31 years back. Lots of water has flown down the Ganges since then. After lots engage in painful and laborious efforts.With the profession and passions of life, I survived until this day to be past 70.

And when I look back at life with you, as a son and a companion, I find that you made me shift the paradigm of economics of business. It was after you took charge that I realized,in my way of doing business; i was merely stuck at the level of ideas and concepts.It was you who converted these ideas into real business that yielded money. You worked and ventured with gut feelings that made you understand by instinct, without doubt, that what you think and plan will work.

When I see you work, Amit, I feel delighted that I am in front of man who is in charge.

Nehal’s entry into your life put order and neatness into your way of living. She is a good organizer, knows what are her goals. She lives with tremendous sense of belonging to whatever she is engaged with, be it home or her job or bringing up children. I am very proud of her. Both me and mummy talk about her often and with lots of appreciation. Though both you and Nehal are made of different stuff that makes life, I find tremendous complementation in your togetherness.

Arrival of Samyaa is what made the real difference in both of you. The substance of life that fills her is amazing-intelligence, sincerity and orderliness. She is joy, personified. And I knowAmit, you have contributed as much to her life as she has contributed to yours, to bring about an alchemy of change. She brought joy into your life and in fact, a metamorphosis- the way a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.

Amit, I do not know when I will be just a memory into your life! When I disappear, I will carry with me your deep sense of concern, your integrity of life, your care for me & mom and your love.

When life ends, all the differences we have had during our mutual existence look meaningless.What would look meaningful will beour felt closeness and the way we cared for each other in the moments we lived together.

Amit, I ask for your forgiveness for any hurt I may have caused in certain situations and moments of life. Perhaps those were moments of my frustrations in life.

I have always felt that I am because you are!


Amit, I have silently, regularly and carefully observed your way of working, reacting and living. In general, both as a father and as a teacher of inner engineering. The technicality of the internal world, you should know, is governed by the way we think, feel and act.

I am concerned about you and your future as much as I am concerned about understanding of what is good and what is nourishing for you.

I observe that the process of collection of stress in our mind-body organization as much as pervading sense of dis-satisfaction with life in our psyche, needs to be eased our as a regular way of living. Without this cleansing process life become stressful, is lopsided and unbalanced. This upsets our arithmatic of our life faster than we imagine.

I strongly suggest that you should learn from a good teacher or any institution the following:

1) Profound Yoga Practices (not hurried way of completing Asanas)

2) Slow and deep breathing practices with joyful smile as you breath in.

3) Way of profound relaxation on daily basis.

This is not my advice to you. It is my heart-felt concern. Think over deeply. Let this be your planned way of life.

Pappa and Mummy