A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


Ajay Sharma

Ajay, during her courtship with Nisha, was a tall, handsome, meaningfully communicative boy. Over a period of time i have seen him grow in stature, maturity and measured actions. He is a thoughtful person with ability to create, support others' creations and nurture convivial envirnoment around him. His life is surrounded by a very reliable longstanding friendships with people of very good character. Together, they almost make a joint family, available to each other in times of crisis.

Ajay did Masters in Business Management(MBA) from NMIMS.

Ajay supports Nisha and his family, including his parents, with tremendous care, generosity and attention. Ajay's father, Kedarnath had a great trust in Ajay as his most durable support. Kedarnath was a tall, handsome, very simple and a quite man. He died on 22 August 2011 very peacefully in sleep. for Suvarna, Kedarnath's very beloved wife and Ajay's mother, living without Kedarnath was so unbearable that from an exuberant, playful, life loving, dominant woman i had seen her to be, she got changed into a very quiet, withdrawn and an unfeeling woman.

Ajay organises things with assignments, delegations and implementation. That is how Nisha has succeeds in whatever she does as Ajay fulfills what Nisha needs most in implementing her creativity.

Ajay is equally devout, like Nisha, and has great faith in Vaishno Devi, where he travels very often. In general, Ajay is organised traveller, a good manager of finances and an unitive family man. In general, he moves with imagination, anticipation of what could unfold in future and intuitively plans things including his properties.

Personally i feel great contenment in having Ajay in my life particullary i like the way he has nutured his whole family with respect for each other and for those they associate with. My wife Lina always thinks of Nisha as a best protected child mainly because she has great faith in Ajay. She has particularly great affection with Abhishek, Neha and Avinash. Intern they owned take tremendous care of Lina are always with her in times of her ill-health.

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Dear Ajay,

It took quite some time for me to recognize who you are, what you are made of and how authentic you are, Nisha told me about you when you met each other in school but I took all that with a pinch of salt, as all parents do. I believe that in those days, you were yourself not knowing reality of these questions. You grew into what you are, as time passed. You chose to pursue your vision of what you want to be in life, with perseverance and determination.

Ajay, thank you for coming into our lives, for being so caring and so close to all of us, to be attentive to everything that came you way. Ajay, basically you are a man with a sound, rational mind in a body that needs your attention and care for improving it. Your strength is your vision, your capacity to resolve and to always move forward and upward. You tend to overcome obstacles and resistances that come your way. In process, you do not forget to help others and maintain harmony in relationships.

Your most valuable contribution is in shaping Nisha’s life by creating space to express her creativity. That way you showed robustness of psyche and sense of proportion in life.

What stands out as the most significant common factor that you and Nisha share is your liking to connect with people through a holy image, that is always benevolent. Symbolically this is expressed in your Ganapati Festivity and several similar occasions that have same character. You and your family, connect them to an image of goodness. In process all of you show your large- heartedness. Whatever you do, you do authentically, generously. Both these characters are transparently seen by one and all when they are present. This is tremendous! These are not just occasions, they are builders of goodwill in your life. And you pass on this tradition to next generation. What you pass on, in process, are the values of life, your faith and your trust in people’s goodness.

Ajay, your life is valuable beyond what you think. All that is valuable is to be preserved and cared for. In your case, foundation of this value lies in your body, in your health. Do not be so engaged in routine activities, that they do not allow you time for yourself.

When you consider your body and mind as sacred – like you do in case of Ganpati – you tend to treat it with care, you tend to allot exclusive time for it. Keep a yoga teacher for at least one year in order that he helps you set a new dimension in your routine.

Current of life that flows in our body and keeps it alive is always on lease. We do not know the period of its lease but when the lease is over, it departs. Then our worldly existence ceases. I do not know when that lease will be over in my case but I am so much in love with vitality of that current that I will never complain nor regret its disconnection. I am that current, that ‘living principle’ in the body and ‘I’ will be there even after ‘I’ leave the body. This is my real experience.

Before that phenomenon taken place, I ask for your and your family’s forgiveness for any hurt that I may have caused all of you by words or by action.

Ajay, Association with you has been wonderful. Both Abhishek and Avinash have come close to me faster than the gap that divides a generation. Receive a warm hug and lots of appreciation.

Gratefully yours
Linesh Sheth
Lina Sheth