A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



Abhishek is Nisha and Ajay's eldest son, now about 25. He got married last year to Neha. Neha lives in the same colony. Abhishek and Neha became intimate to each other with commitement to marry. Neha comes from a cultured dignified and contented maharastrian family. They got married in the year 2015. It was a lavish marriage with lots of attendence of very intimate people.

Abhishek was quite good in studies. By choice, he became a graduate in commnication. Then he became graduate in Family Managed Business(FMB) from SP Jain school of management at Andheri. For me, Abhishek's intense involvement with their family business was a little surprise. I did not expect him to be engaged with a responsibility so early after his introduction to business. Today both Nisha and Ajay cherish Abhishek's intensity, perseverance and outlook for growth.

Particular aspects of Abhishek are his intense energy, exuberation and ability to strike a familiarity with anyone. I saw in him a courage to approach unknown people and situations anywhere in the world with great confidence to solve them.

To have a facility and boldness to interact with people around the world, of any level, is something unusual. Abhishek does this very well.

Fantasia, their family business, generally leans on a few bulk customers in india and in middle east. That dependence on few needed to be supported by an ongoing new outlet. This gave rise to Fantasia's entry into an online fashion outlet with large houses. I have seen Abhishek managing all things with responsibility, attention and organisation.

A special feature worth mentioning about Abhishek is his very close and intimate friendship with his younger brother Avinash. Abhishek once told me, "Avinash is like my spine, my pillar and the support system, a confidant in whom i can confide my most intimate things, He is his great strength". To find early in life a source of strength in a brother like Avinash is a kind of rarity these days, wherein brothers tend to become rivals, not friends.

Both Abhishek and Avinash are intense lovers of football with abiding interest in it. They also love travelling around the world. Their travels are fascinating because they generally travels alongs with friends.

Abhishek and Neha have a particular penchant for Facebook participation. Both Neha and Abhishek are fun loving pair.

A particular feature of Abhishek is his great love for his younger brother Avinash. They both create a strong bond of companionship. The togetherness with their parents constitute a very cohesive family. For me it is suprising to see their oneness while having diverse opinions on many things. That adds cosmopolitan flavour to their togetherness.

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Dear Abhishek,

A man loves interest he earns on his investment more than the capital he has employed. You are my interest, Nisha is my capital. That is a way of expression, but Abhishek, you know the truth of how much I love you just as I know how much you love me.

Your warmth, your closeness with people you know and your emotions are what one instantly feels as soon as they know you. Over a period of time, I have seen you growing. I noticed in you a capacity to think deeply, understand diverse subjects, understand what is essential in them and express them as clearly as possible.

Abhishek know, this is an invaluable faculty that only deep thinking people are able to develop. Such people, overtime, grow wisdom in them, become a point of reference for building and maintaining harmony among relationships. Such people, as a characteristic, have more friends, strong relationships and a very unitive life style.

More than the career you follow, these aspects overshadow the outcome that any business/career yields. Abhishek, strengthen in you what you are good at. Read more about inner faculties you wish to develop. Read great people’s biographies. Think deeply about how these people influenced generations that followed them, merely by power of their thoughts. People gathered around them, attracted by aura of their ideas and emotions. I tell you this because this is what exactly fits into your life and this is how you will influence people.

Master these traits – don’t just be good at them. Know that you already have seeds of noble people sown into your consciousness, in your psyche. You only need to water them by repeatedly affirming them to yourself, by deep / authentic meditation techniques and by your expressing them truly in your behavior.

A lifelong truth I want you to know truly runs as follows:

1. Thoughts produce and attract actions.

2. Repeated thoughts produce and attract stronger actions.

3. Thoughts repeated with faith produce and attract actions of maximum strength.

• You achieve things in life because you attract them towards you through your deep emotions and intense desires.

• Emotions are deep and desires are intense when our image about what we want ‘lives’ constantly in our consciousness.

• The image of what we want is produced by thoughts we produce and is intensified on their repetitions.

So store in your memory image of what you want to be in life, how it will look like when you get it, what all it will consist of, how would you feel when you get it, how you would smile then, what would be your pleasure, whom all you will relate then….. all these constitute an image. Become an imagologist(one who is expert in forming and implementing images) – there are not many in the world – you will be a rare one !

Avinash is the gem you have in your life. It is rare to have a brother like him by your side – kind, caring, loving yet brilliant, upright and dynamic. Grow as a team with him and you will find that you will be a shining far in life!

Academic education, college we go to, or degree we get, are not more important at stage then being kinder in life. Nobody cares for your degrees, when you shine with brilliance in life, irrespective of whether you had a degree or not. You learn by what you do and you are able to do what you try your hands at. More you do, more you learn because you increase your faith by the experience you gain.

Abhishek, academic learning comes by digesting and mastering information and feedback. But life is transformed when our inner core receives light of our mindfulness. Our mindfulness strengthen when we learn to be aware of ourselves, our thoughts, our emotions and our potential. Our awareness increases by developing our attention. When we develop attention, it is important to know what we pay attention to. What grows within us is only where our attention is focused. And all this we get when we learn how to mediate. Meditation is easily mastered by attention to breath – incoming and outgoing breath. This is called vipassana. I am a teacher of vipassana but learn it from anywhere. See it on internet.

Never let a day pass by without thanking your parents. You are because they are ! Their concern for you, their irritation, their nagging are all indications of their love for you. Respect them. Our life is inter-connected and inter-dependent, in fact, all existence is so. Thank all you are connected with, for their contribution to your life and you will find you are not alone! All are with you and that includes me and Nani.

Love for you and lots of blessing
ana – Linesh
Nani – Lina