A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


About Ummed Nahata

It was around 1982, when i was propagating ideas about Humanist Movement to students, that i met Ummed Nahata in Mithibai college. Ummed took liking to ideas and we worked together for several years. His main concern was learning and improving himself but he was committed to the central idea of working beyond oneself, to overcome pain and suffering of others.

He tried several practices taught to him and he felt the beginning of a change in his feelings and attitude. His particular characteristic was to learn the gist of what is taught. In 35 years that i have known him now Ummed, irrespective of his monetary conditions, has always remained a man of abandon, a man who was always seeking to move towards a better future, and a person courageous in his every move. He has been a man of a happy temperament in all circumstances. Being pleasant and happy, not being stressful and strained was his basic temperament.

I have seen Ummed move from a one-room sofa-cum-bed accommodation to build a corporate house in Information Technology(http://www.evosysglobal.com/), employing over 850+ employees with presence in 20 countries, working together with a very harmonious close-knit team of 18 super specialists.

I think that Ummed learnt from me more through observations, teachings and grasps, than through practices i taught him. What was inherent in him was courage to challenge constraints of thoughts and circumstances, boldness to communicate and be friendly with people from a very humble car driver to the president of corporate company in India or in Europe. It was this dynamics and flexibility of movement of energy in his images that made him what he is today--a man who is at ease of being among all levels of people, a man of accomplishing what he visualizes and a person that goes on learning and improving. What is outstanding about Ummed is that he is not possessed by things or by success, he has a greater wisdom to understand what gives him fulfillment in life, through achieving, through leaving or through giving.

Ummed married years back to a pretty, intelligent and independent woman called Priya. During Ummed's busy-ness with his career building, Priya not only took care of their home but also engaged in herself with dignity in teaching in schools and in doing various meaningful occupations. Ummed and Priya have two daughters- Sanskriti and Rashi

In a recorded interview with him on 10 feb 2017 he says, the teachings and learning’s he had in this environment percolated his life in such a way that they not only showed their influence in his behavior and attitude, but also in influencing the circle of his close friends. He says, his two adult daughters, Sanskiriti and Rashi have been, in a way, influenced by these values in such that they are somehow looking for what gives meaning and fulfillment to their life, rather than what give success to their careers.

As a result, Sanskriti, the 23 years old elder daughter, has opted not to pursue the corporate route in her life, but to join the voluntary work of building and developing a few model villages in district Beed in Maharastra, by Fulora Foundation of Mayank Gandhi (http://www.merinews.com/article/fulora-foundation-of-mayank-gandhi-a-hope-for-drought-hit-beed/15916432.shtml). Rashi, on the other hand, is working for media and communication to look for an opportunity to serve a larger interest of the society.

Ummed, on his way to learn, improve and comprehend life, its meaning and its purpose, went on studying further. He has now actively joined Madhyasth Darshan, Co-existence based Spiritualism, http://www.madhyasth-darshan.info/ propounded by A. Nagraj Baba. It is a very inclusive and holistic philosophy of life that has its views on working of the Universe and its influence on human being.