A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


About Shivlila Cholkhane

In 2001 my wife Lina got ill and had to be operated in Vivekanand Hospital, Latur. During that period i had to stay in Latur for one and half months. I was looking for converting this spare time into some meaningful engagement. Since i was studying in Latur, i had lots of my school friends living there. I made a morning meditation group with them to teach the new methods about energy science i was practicing.

Since evenings were free, i thought of an old school freind of mine, Nagnath Cholkhane, who was a sign board Painter. Nagnath had a small slum like house on nearly 5000 square feet plot. Nagnath invited few friends from neighbourhood to attend the evening class of meditation. It was during that class that Shivlila, Nagnath's daughter-in-law, decided to join the group to learn the meditation actively.

In those one and half months, Shivlila, 25, got interested in learning and practicing more. She told me that she was running a kindergarden children group in their small house. However she was ambitious and had dreams of building a large school where she can teach three hundred students at one time.

The inspirations and the orientation she received through Humanist teachings told her that:

1. "Thoughts produce action and image precedes action".

2. A small image can be made bigger.

3. A dull image can be made brighter.

4. More you reapeat your thoughts, stronger you get in your conviction to make       them possible.

5. More faith one has in himself, more the effectivity is realization of images.

Shivlila believed in these teachings and her resolve to convert the land where they were living into a school became firm. Bank of Maharastra was approached, who gave a loan of Rs.19.35 lakhs for the project. Further help from me and Viren Shah, the school got a shape wherein today 300 students get nursery education. The school is called Little Flower Bal Vihar. It is one of the most equipped and decent schools in Latur. Enclosed is a letter from Shivlia, describing these developments in her own words.

As the school grew, shivlila's commitment to meditation and SOIL's energising practices grew further. she says that she gets up at 4 am morning and vigrously practices all the Soil methods of meditation and energisation. These practices have made her more calm, receptive to others and highly energetic through out the day. She says her our outlook towards life has become very cheerful, optimistic and friendly. she looks forwards to her future with brightness. To promote meditation as a system useful to life, Shivlia sponsors regular weekly meditation group of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in the name of The Art of Living.

Shivlila is married to Vijay Cholkhane. He is an engineer in Maharastra Jeevan Pradhikaran (Water Supply Department). Vijay is very sincere. He fully supports Shivlila and her positive activities. Nagnath, her father in law, likes the whole envirnomnet created today because of activities of The School and popularity it has got in the town of Latur.

Shivlila has two daughters and a son. All three are studying engineering, while the elder one, Prajkata, has completed her engineering in year 2016 and now works in IT company Pune. Shivlila says the culture of enthusiam, optimism and energised living have passed on to the next generation. They all find inspiration in Shivlila and are practicing as much as they can.

Shivlila's is an example of woman's empowerment. She is a believer in training oneself for and supports the credo of fulfilling the promise one makes to himself. She has brightened the future of the entire family. For me, I am pleased that the teachings and thoughts i passed on to the group construtively built life of some. I reffered to Shivlila as an exmaple to follow and as a model of inspiration.

I attach here a biographical letter from Shivlila she wrote for Soil, as her testimony.