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About Nitin Kawde

Nitin kawde, 25 basically was a village boy from Pune. He joined me as a replacement car driver for his brother Dhananjay. Dhananjay left my job under a plan made for him for a more dignified life.

When Nitin joined, he had a simple routine job of being a driver with a duty from 11am to 8pm. However, during my conversations with him while he was driving me everyday, i felt as if he was not a driving material. He was ambitious and looked forward to a greater future. So i asked him what was his main interest in life and where he would like to excel. He said, his main interest was in the field of fitness.

Seeing his enthusiasm, provisions were made so that he can first attain fitness for himself and then become a qualified Gym instructor. Accordingly, in the year 2013, he was sponsored in the K11 Fitness Academy at Santacurz East to complete course. Nitin was known to me as an earnest, hardworking, devoted person. He stood upto this image when he completed the course to become a Gym instructor.

Since then, his daily routine has now changed. He was getting up at 8am in morning at his residence at Vashi, Navi Mumbai, to join the job at 11 am. Now he got another job at Vashi in a Gym. So now he gets up at 5am, works for a Gym job from 6am to 9:30am and joins his usual santacruz job at 11am. Now he has two jobs.

This was an example of seeing the potential in an ordinary village boy. The changed look shifted not only his standard of living, but he experienced a new stage of life. He gets more respect and dignity while doing a job that he himself likes. According to me, this is not a big deal but simply an instance of how we can change someone's future by taking interest in his life and by looking out for opportunities that fit his talent.

Today Nitin is about to be married, his standard of living changed, he is financially much better off. Looking at several similar instances, Nitin says "I have learnt in this humancentric envirnoment that when you take selfless interest in development of the other, you convert yourself into the mythical 'touch stone' that converts a piece of iron into a piece of gold on simply touching"

I forsee that Nitin has tasted a better life of diginity as compared to the routine that a car driver lives with. It appears, he will make his career into something much better, although starting from a full time Gym instructor.