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Learning, Relating and Gratitude

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About Nilay

Nilay Dalal,

For decades we have been a family, deeply rooted in business. Business runs almost into our veins. To think that anyone of us in the family would pursue something other than businesss is hard to imagine. Everyone gets eventually trained to be absorbed in one's family business or starts his own business.

Priyakant Dalal's family has traditionally been a stock brokers of repute known as Dalal and Broacha. Nailesh Dalal and Vipul Dalal inherited this business and expanded it further. Nilay Dalal is the second son, after Hriday Dalal, of Nailesh and Smruti Dalal.

Nilay Says that he has been interested in sports since early childhood. Being competitive is in his nature. He says, after he got married, the idea of remaining in good shape became his obsession. Marathon / Trialithon first attaracted him though no one around him had done this before. However Nilay says, he chanced to read a book "Dare to Run" by Amit Sheth. The book inspired him because the author was known to his family. The story of Amit Sheth perseverance of marathon amazed, motivated and reassured him that anyone can do a marathon, it is "mind over matter".

Nilay says that engagement with sports activities has become a part of his life style. He says he is fortunate to find a life partner, in his wife Darshita who has also taken up to this sports of marathon running. We keep motivating each other.

Nilay feels privileged and blessed that he is not only born in a well-to-do family but is fully supported by his uncle Vipul and elder brother Hriday. Nilay particularly mentions that they always took care of his role and responsibilities in business so that he can pursue his passion in sports. His parents Nailesh, in particular his mother Smruti, have always inspired him since childhood to pursue sports in various forms. He takes a learning from what Parimal Merchant said, "Resources that exist outside the organisation have significant influence on its growth and survival".

Some years back Nilay took to running endurance races especially triathlons. A triathlon is an endurance race with 3 disciplines of swimming, cycling and running (in that order).

In the past 3 years Nilay ran about 10 triathlons and lot of marathons at local and international level.

Local Events:-

1. Hyderabad Triathlon (2014, 2015)

2. Goa Triathlon (2015, 2016)

3. Pune Triathlon (2016)

4. Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (2016)

International events:-

1. Ironman 70.3 Budapest, 2015

2. Ironman 70.3 Barcelona, 2016

3. Ironman 70.3 Phuket, 2016

Note:An Ironman 70.3 race comprises 1.9 KM swimming, 90.1 KM cycling, 21.1 KM running.

Currently his ranked 2nd in the country in age category (Male 30-34) as per 2016 Ironman 70.3 results.

When asked, how he would like to contribute to society, he says he has a great desire to share his knowledge, motivation and expertise with others by creating a particular envirnoment and a platform around him. He feels that this endeavour will give great meaning to his life.

I have personally always admired Nilay's perseverance, enthusiasm and singlemindedness. He is largely a less speaking man, more focused on working out his passion. In the family, Nilay is, at this moment, the only extraordinary sports talent and stands out. It is quite a departure from the traditional family business. I feel very proud of him, as his whole family is very dear to my heart.