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About Navin Parekh

Navin Parekh and me married on the same day, 3rd February 1963, and at same venue, along with my brother-in-law Harsukh Parekh, who happened to be Navin's brother. So we were 3 couples married together on one stage. Over a period of time Navin and me found a common interest in Indian classical music- i was a keen listener whereas Navin was a profound knower of music. Besides music, me and Navin shared lot of oneness, harmony and good feelings.

Classical music was an intense love of my life. I dreamed always that great singers would one day come my home and sing or play music. That dream got fulfilled by a simple and personal approach to great musicians like Hariprasad Chaursia, the legendary flute player, Jitendra Abhisheki, a great composer singer and marathi stage artist, Prabhakar Karekar, an award-winning Indian classical vocalist of Agra and Gwaliar gharana and expert marathi Natyasangeet singer, Rasiklal Andharia, a melodious singer from Gujarat, belonging to Kirana and Indore gharana. I approached each of them personally, as a fan and a follower. When i met most of these great artists simply and affectionately during their concerts, to my surprise, they all agreed to come to my house simply on request and virtually without any payment.

Inspiration behind this musical initiative was Navin Parekh. Navin was a man, whose very presence in a mehfil (musical get together) carried weight. The singer or the instrument player would very easily find in Navin a great participant with whom they resonated. Navin, for me, was an indispensible companion. Without him i will feel alone.

I should make a particular mention here of how i met the great musician singer from Gujarat Mr. Rasiklal Andharia. Once i heard Rasiklal Andharia over an early morning radio program from Kutch, Bhuj. I instantly felt that i should invite him to my home to sing, wherever he was. Navin knew Rasiklal Andharia more closely by name and told me he lived in Bhavnagar, Gujarat.

Not knowing how to contact him, without any common link, i wrote a postcard to Post Master General, Bhavnagar. I asked the Post Master to reach the message to Rasiklal as my personal request. It so happened that he knew him personally. He handed over the message at his home. Everything became easy as he phoned back. I asked him how i would recognize him when he arrives. He said, on coming Sunday, there will be only one man with black Modi jacket Tanpura in his hand, getting down from Gujarat Express at Bombay Central station. That was enough. We had then onwards several common occasions with Rasikbhai with Akashvani Radio Station, Bombay Doordarshan, and with common friends for arranging his vocal concerts.

Navinbhai is a simple, pure hearted, uncomplicated friend and a great music lover. He is happily married to Indira and has two daughters Dr. Rita and Falguni, a business administrator. If there is one man in my life with whom i want to pass a meaningful long and enjoyable leisure, it would be Navin, living at ghatkoper now, nearly same age as mine. I owe a lot of gratitude to him for coming and staying in my life.