A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


About Mayank



This morning, as every morning, I was remembering people who have influenced my life, things I am grateful for, and blessings I have received through out my life

It was then that I admired your unshakable faith in what you thought, showed openly its manifestations on ground of your action and daring boldness with which you fearlessly, selflessly lead thousands of farmers life on path of ascendance.

I am indebted to you for your love for me, your transparency and nourishing vision of massive prosperity..

Mayank, you are prudent and have tendency to support people who need your help and all that is good in

Receive a warm hug and genuine sense of indebtedness.

Live cheerfully with satisfaction of having lived a life of abundant goodness.,

Daily smile to your body and mind and remain grateful to innumerable life forms you have given birth to through millions of trees you have grown.

Know without doubt that enormity of 'life you have given birth to, ope. through trees and thousands of people you have uplifted in life as life in you operates through your body.

Know for sure it's three charactetics: great intelligence, its uncanny ability to recognize who and what helps it grow and reward the doer in infinite ways towards a growing, co-incidental, mysterious future. The life you have generated surrounds you like an army to see that no harm reaches you.

Remain grateful to that invisible unknown that has supported you through out life.