A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


About Kiran Reddy

Kiran Reddy was an acquaintance introduced through Abhishek Sharma in 2013. He was 23 then. when he came he was a law graduate, an L.L.B. He carried a zeal for knowing about life rather than knowing what can make him succeed in making money. He came from a well-to-do family from Hyderabad. Possibly it was this background that gave him freedom to indulge in knowing more about him, about life and about what gave meaning to his existence. Abhishek suggested that he discuss these matters with me. Kiran's father is a very dignified retired government executive and is now in construction business at Hyderabad. Kiran's mother, Vasanti, has a predominent influence on Kiran. He has a brother Tejasvini to whom Kiran is a mentor.

Not knowing what he is seeking, I first asked him whether he felt that life has a meaning and whether it is necessary to discover attitude, practices and activities that made life meaningful. He instantly liked this proposition. We discussed that this was not an intellectual but a profound dimension of life that required association, sustained learning and experiencing. He realized this. So we constantly remained in touch for about two and half years, almost on daily basis.

During this period, there were an intense period in which Kiran began to learn different dimensions of Humanism, Non-violence, aspects of discrimination in life. He learnt that he needed to cultivate attitudes and actions that gave meaning to life.

Along with this, Kiran was mainly instrumental in defining, organizing contents and to give shape to formation of The School of Internal Literacy (SOIL) that I had floated, based on various dimensions of energy boosting through images, breathing and stretching that I learnt from Humanist Movement.

Kiran started writing a book for SOIL under my direction and guidance. His ability to put an order, classification and sequence to contents was extremely useful. We could cover in the book several aspects of about 20 to 25 practices that Soil developed for Breathing Energy Meditations. We made reference to various supportive and illustrative dimensions of each concept with the help of Google. Kiran was all energy, enthusiasm and a volunteer.

Kiran says, through this knowledge and practices, he could experience sizeable enhancement in his daily energy levels, clarity about his activities , and tendency to influence lives of those who came in contact with him. He used this knowledge and energy to pursue several dimensions of life that he wanted to explore, right from Students For Liberty, a USA based NGO, to his own business activities that he is experimenting with.

Kiran was largely influenced by the manifestation of energy that he could see in Abhishek Sharma’s family as a whole, in the environment he saw around Humanist Movement and in the activities that were pursued for formation of Soil Videos, tranining and spread of its teachings. He had found that this whole environment had a touch of selflessness, an attitude of giving and to live with rejoicing. It created a sort of an initial model of environment he wanted to create in his own life.

In Humanist Movement and in Soil he was massively influenced by a tendency to have interest in other people’s improvement, in spreading a message of Humanism at every opportunity and to direct life by a meaning.

Kiran is yet searching, trying to settle for a permanent vocation in life and in general, to understand how to live a substantial, well directed and meaningful life. Today he is 26, yet to be married. I see that he is man who is striving hard to make difference to himself, his family and to the world he is surrounded by.