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With Linesh Sheth


About Jaswant Singh Bhachoo

When i met Jaswant Singh Bhachoo in 1964, i was at the concluding phase of my employment of Batliboi and Company, a machine tool provider from different countries of origin. In those days, i wanted to make some spare tools for machines we were selling for Woodworking. Mr. Bhachoo then ran a small scale industry in Goregaon, making woodworking tools mainly for railways.

What i remember in my first meeting was his great self-confidence, irrespective of suitable industrial equipment in his factory. He was basically a man of skill, improvisation and inbuilt capacity to complete things, even in face of difficulties.

I started the company Wudtools around 1965. He was then my main technical support, but beyond that he was my trustworthy and affectionate friend. Irrespective of our educational and age difference, we shared mutual trust, interdependent and clarity of togetherness.

Mr. Bhachoo was a dreamer; he wished that someday he settles his future in USA. He also dreamed of makings films someday, for which he told me he had an interesting story ready with him so when i asked him what was a story, he said it was "Love Letters". He always wished to be short of any insufficiencies of life.

All said and done, he was basically a simple, honest and family loving man. His greatest support came from his wife Santosh who has been, even today, in my image, a model of courage, patience and resilience.

Bhachoo was not very educated man but in me, as a friend and as a business colleague, he found a source of completing administrative and financial formalities so that he could set up an industry of his vision. Along with his industrial vision, he developed a passion for acquiring properties for the purpose. He could then somehow manage to buy real estates that, his son Tony tells me, is also the basis of what the family is today in term of financial wealth.

Tony(Harish Singh Bhachoo), his eldest son, and i continued our friendship and affection even after bodily disappearance of Bhachoo. I and Tony often choose intentionally to spend meaningful time together, about once a month, to share new insights into life. Somehow Tony respects and sees in me a guide, an insightful man about life and a senior companion. My experience in meeting him is that our age difference never mattered. What really matters is the meaningfulness of our exchange.

Having known Jaswant Singh Bhachoo and his family fills me with tremendous gratitude, indebtedness and fulfillment. Bhachoo took his last breath in 2002.