A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


About Fatema Pocketwala

Fatema Pocketwala came to join Wudtools initially as my assistant, back in the year 1971. She was Art Graduate and Bohra Muslim by caste. There were lots of restrictions with which she worked but yet she served for nearly works 42 years in Wudtools, which is almost a lifetime of working. She never worked anywhere after she left. The outstanding character Fatema was absolute loyalty, trust and regularity in working.

She was basically a learner, a hard worker and a person who belonged to the company. I am very fortunate that i had such a trustworthy secretary who systematically managed what was told. With her, i developed imports for wudtools, started factories in latur, laid foundation of Industrial Product Company, managed export of stationery largely to Middle East very extensively and initiated Total Tools and Equpiment Private Limited . Fatema managed the systematic records, communication and movement of orders etc. with an admirable record keeping. One particular thing about her was that her presence in the company made me secure, gave me lot of freedom of movement and i could lose worries. She was communicative, very cordial and yet very straight forward.

She says she learnt so many things during our association that today those learining have matured her into a very good human being. Her mother is her strength. She extremly takes care of her while her brothers take care of Fatema.

Fatema became a part of Humanist movement while she was working with Wudtools. She stareted a group largely consisting of women. During those days she spread the Humanist teachings to her known group very regularly and effectively.

Today Fatema is retired and looks back to our association with lot of satisfaction and fulfillment. I look back to Fatema's participation in my life as one of the most valuable association I had with persons i have so far worked with in my life. If i remove Fatema's image from my life, i think that without her i would have been a man of stress, disorganisation and without an order in what i did. I feel very grateful to her.