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Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


About Manish Gor


Around 2012, the knowledge i had gathered on breathings systems around the world and its relationship to the generation and circulation of energy into body, was taking shape of formalized practices. Since these practices involved drawing, movie, circulative and focused of energy through breathing, they were termed as dynamic meditation. I had tried them for months on end regularly on myself and had taught them to others voluntarily. They gave very impressive results in a very short time.

So i thought of showing these practices through animated videos. I had located as a pair of students of Arena Animations to develop videos with background music. What i needed was a model that looks good, and had some sort of disciplined training into breathing. It was through Sonali, the yoga teacher who was teaching my daughter Nisha, that i got to know Manish Gor.

When i met Manish, i instantly liked him for he was not money oriented, had a voluntary attitude and was an accomplished yoga teacher. When i showed him what is to be done in the video, he learnt very fast. Together, we did quite a number of videos along with the videographer Himanshu Agarwal, a student of Arena Animation. The seven videos are already put on YouTube under the title of School of Internal Literacy. Further videos are on way. SOIL Videos

Manish's overall experience:-

Manish is around 40 years of age. He is an active member of SOIL (School of Internal Literacy).He also teaches some of the SOIL methods in class and incorporates. Here is his experience taken from his recorded interview:

"When i first met Mr. Linesh Sheth about SOIL he showed me energy can be maneuvered with the help of breathing as a conducting thread and using hands as strearing wheels for guiding the energy. I learnt how to move circulate expand contract spiral, and focus the energy. Mr. Linesh Sheth had learnt this science from various masters he had met in his life."

"A particular practice i learnt was brain march. Brain March is a discipline way with marching with breathing with focused on left right and center part of brain. A six minutes march that i tried in various classes followed by 9 minutes of relaxation not only produce an amazing energetic upsurge, it also multiplied the capacity to perform various asanas for a much longer time. For e.g. people who are doing surya namaskar before doing brain march were getting exhausted with 6 or 8 rounds. But after the Brain March they were able to do 25 rounds. People do not want to miss the brain march in any case.

Later i learnt how to meditate effectively with the effect of musical of different frequencies (Hertz) with rhythm and this was an altogether new experience to coordinate with my breath movement in a rhythm. Just 15 min of meditation produce a very peaceful effect which i can now teach to others as these sounds are available on YouTube, as guided by Mr. Linesh Sheth.

For me, being in contact with SOIL along with personal contact with Linesh Sheth have been very enriching, enlightening, giving me an opportunity to transmit this knowledge to many.