A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


About Chandra Chorghe

Mrs. Chandra, working with Total along with me, Anish and Amit has had an interesting participation in the company's growth and development. Right from the day one of her joining us in 2006, i have had a cordial, participative and interactive dialogues with her. They were not only centered on business affairs but also on evolving personally from a narrow enclosed thinking to an expansive and inclusive outlook of life. I found Chandra was quite attentive, receptive and interested.

Chandra had comparatively a chalenging life sketch. Her husband, Mr. Milind Chorghe suddenly died in 2006.She had a daughter, Chinmayee, born in 1997. Chandra has an inbuilt responsibility for her well being.

Chandra says, she had a history of previous jobs which were monotonous and routine. It was in Total Tools that she discovered how one's potential is released when responsibilities are given and fulfilled, how facing chanllenges in life gives way to one's evolution and how looking forward to an upward looking life everyday fills one with hope, joy and meaning.

In her own words, Chandra says, she felt release of stress when i told her that she is in a good company and can look forward to an assured future. I used to talk to her occasionly about humanist approach to life. But it was introduction of Parimal Merchant in our office, where he used to hold humanist weekly meetings, she got a completly new perspective about human life, its potential and meaning. She was a regular participant in Humanist meetings and i have seen a steady growth in her involvement, understanding and perceptive abilities regarding the future of a co-operative common social objective.

In a recorded interview with her, Chandra says that she learnt in our meetings about what an openess of envirnoment does to life. In a era of continuously knowledge pouring atmosphere, it is vital to understand that one has freedom "not to know", what he need not know. Working together for a common objective, without self interest, to better this world lends substance to life. To create a mutually appreciative ambit in working acknowledges contribution of others in life.

Following the inspiration she received from the Humanist envirnoment, outlook and training, Chandra thought of being a volunteer with Mentor Me India, a Non-Profit Mentoring Organization. Mentor Me works with a mission to empower children in low-income communities by providing them with strong role-models, recruited through a careful process. They currently support over 300 mentoring relationships, across 12 locations in Mumbai, India.

Chandra says that Mentor Me ideology has a Humanist outlook. It makes people believe in themselvs. For them little things make big change. They believe in learning from the Mentor and the Mentee and channelize the energy for a change.

Today, she says, she clearly knows, "When we are born or die or were not born at all does not make a difference to the world we live in, life has no meaning. Meaning of life emerges when we learn to make difference to the envirnoment we are surrounded by through our actions, contributions and attitudes".