A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


About Dr. G.R. Bharadia

Around 1979 my orientor in Humanist Movement suggested me that i enlarge my internal world of action. He asked, me as a first step, to adopt my larger family, including my uncles, cousins and their sons as my own real family. That meant i had to take responsibility of their welfare and development. As a result, i had, in my small home at Santacruz, my brothers and cousins residing together as one family. I took responsibility of their marriages, education, and their development. My wife Lina undertook the relationships and marriages of over 10 to 14 brothers and cousins from my little home.

Later my orientor said that i should further enlarge my world by adopting my native town Latur. When i asked how i can do this, he said, relationship with people of Latur are less important for you than your concern for taking care to acquire means of overcoming their pain and suffering. It was that idea that brought me in touch with Dr. Bharadia in Latur in 1980's. He was one of the founders of Vivekanand Hospital, Latur along with Dr. Ashok Kukade and Dr. Alurkar. I visualized that the best i can do overcome pain and suffering of people in the town of Latur was to convert this small hospital into a large, well equipped, charitable hospital wherein it would be possible to overcome pain and suffering of hundreds of people at very economical cost. During the first discussion, i offered to take care of negotiations of the equipment that the hospital required. That field of negotiation was the strength of my experience in personal business of Wudtools, wherein i used to deal with various countries and suppliers.

This area of influence through participation grew with time in various ways. All the large equipment’s including MRI, C.T. Scan, Pathology equipment’s, Cath Labs, Sonography etc. were all negotiated at very favorable bargain with my participation in their finalization. Starting with equipment purchases, my relationship with Dr. Bharadia grew into intimate family relationships. Dr. Bharadia, when he visited Bombay stayed at my home. During that period he learnt various breathing and energising techniques from me that he religiously followed in his daily practice sessions at Latur. He tells me often that he goes into very minor details of energising each part of the brain and the body by focusing his attention on the part. This is his special ability because he knows the anatomy of the body and the brain as an MD physician.

Latur was struck by a massive earthquake in 1993. Dr. Bharadia was the first person to get into action very early in the morning. He did a marathon work in moving the wheels of things that mattered, from rescue point of view. He was the first one to discover an almost new born child, in garbages of earthquake. He picked up the child, a girl, and took care of her until she was adopted by responsible and dignified parents.

During the earthquake, me and Dr. Bharadia travelled throughout India to collect funds. I put up a large advertisement in 25 newspapers. I took care of donors in Bomaby, including the donations offered by various Jain Temples in Bombay. Later me and Dr. Bharadia travelled throughout India for the cause of alleviating the suffering that earthquake had caused. Together, donations worth Rs. 5 crore were collected then.

Earthquake at Latur was a trigger for undertaking similar projects to provide assistance and support during floods in Mumbai, Bihar, Tsumni Tamilnadu, tragedy in Kashmir valley etc. We both could provide services of highly equipped ambulances, doctors, medicines, and emergency provisions through Vivekanand Hospital, Latur.

Our friendship grew into creating mutual environment in which Dr. Bharadia began to learn various systems of brain breathing, energization of the whole body and personal wellbeing from me. Until today, Dr. Bharadia says, he follows these practices during his early morning’s yoga personal practice sessions.

Dr. Bharadia had highly concerned, participative and active intervention whenever serious illness occurred in my family at Bombay, whether it was my Angioplasty, Bypass surgery, Mona's difficulties, my wife's illness, Priyakant and Vasanti's illnesscess etc. That participation was not just consulting, it was very constructive. Psychologically it fullfiled the role of alleviating the pain and suffering in the family.

Dr. Bharadia has two sons, Rahul and Nitin , Rahul is a chief executive in a large corporate house. Nitin does his own business. Besides he has a daughter, called Munshi, very happily married in Narasimhapur.

However Dr. Bharadia's biggest help, support and companionship come from his wife Kanta. Kanta herself hails from a very well-to-do family in Pune. Kanta is a model of devotion, care and protection for Dr. Bharadia.

Knowing Dr. Bharadia for decades has provided perhaps the instance of longest friendship i have had in my life. There is no one, among friends of nearly my age, who is as close as him, as a friend, psychological help and as real companion.