A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


About Anish

Anish, my elder son, 47, always had a great respect for me. During his education, i had a clear choice in front of me. I wanted Anish to take over the technical dimension of our business in Total Tools and Wudtools as an expert. However i had realized during my engineering education that true knowledge comes not only from higher degrees at college but from practical field experience. Therefore i wanted him not to follow a degree course in engineering but to do a diploma in mechanical engineering with a specialized course in tooling specialization. He exactly followed that. It gave him another kind of strength, clarity and direction.

In the beginning Anish was working, guided by me. However at the age of 17, in 1987, he joined Humanist Movement under orientation of Atul Jadia and Parimal Merchant. The participation of Humanist Movement inspired him to form his own group to study and work together on social front as himself as an orientor. That empowered him towards independence in his way of thinking, working and planning. The confidence he got in Humanist Movement worked for him in business to grow from dependence on me to independence with confidence in his own ideas and way of working. Therefore the journey of moving towards independence was not an act of rebellion against the tradition but was a result of maturing in confidence. I am grateful to Humanist Movement that it made this transition possible.

Over period of time me and Anish started consulting each other, sharing our ideas experiences and the vision of future. This inspired him to search for new avenues in the world to work with. Anish says that what helped him in this process was learning’s he received from work with Images, that i myself learned from Silo's theory, as practically illustrated in his work on Guided Experiences. He learnt the power of images and possibilities of their maneuvering to what we aim for in life.

By manoeuvring Anish understood that image precedes action. As is our image, so is our action.

However images are not static in our minds. Whatever way they are, formed at a given stage, can be changed. Small images can be made bigger, dull images can be made brighter, image that looked at a distance can be brought nearer, weak images can be made powerful and negative images can be transformed into positive. He realized that this capacity to transform images really transforms one's habitual nature and his potential.

The work with images helped him to understand that traditionally our business house had an image of only working with woodworking tools and tools of Alloy Steels. He saw in his image a potential to shift from image of woodworking to image of metalworking. That included working with steel pipes and tubes. Consequently, it opened up a future of working with materials other than alloy steel to High Speed Steels, Carbides, Diamonds and Ceramics. That change of image enlarged the size of business and its potential.

During my discussion with Eduardo, who is a man with great and varied experience in bringing about international collaborations, mentioned that among the main strengths of Anish is his patience and calmness when he is confronted with a problem that needs a considered solution. He said that the times are changing when traders have to have far greater knowledge about the evolutionary persceptive of the technologies so that the buyers can truly depend on the seller's competence. He said in a futuristic tone that Anish's main contribution in the emerging scenario would be not only to help new generation to adapt to the needs of the business, but also to clarify and make them understand the levels at which new technologies exist and compete at the same time.

Anish is very avid, enthusiastic and planned visitor to international and Indian exhibitions. He visited several of these exhibitions in many countries as a way of his life. In each exhibition, he saw possibilities of working with various collaborators in different fields. He studied their catalogues, their range and applications in details. He says that he learnt the faculty of going into details and working with them, while he saw me working with different ideas. Anish saw that as a business house, our strength was ideas, images, and building of relationships. Money was not our strength. So he understood that it made a great sense to focus on a small range of tools rather than working with multiple tooling systems like drills end mills, milling cutters form cutters etc. He began to understand that the best area to focus was where there was least competition and no intervention from multinationals. He discovered this area in Technology of Sawing, involving HSS Saws as well as high end toolings in woodworking. As a result, he began to focus on few HSS sawing manufactures as well as catalogue driven woodworking tools like CMT.

Until this development, Anish found himself cornered into technicality of things, not in economics of business. At this stage it was entry of Amit, his younger brother, specialized as an MBA in Family Managed Business, trained by Parimal Merchant, that he found a real companion to wriggle out from constraints of technicality into economics of business.

Anish saw in Amit a sort of a co-traveler who also had different insights and vision of future. Anish says he found in Amit, an aggressive and progressive businessman, a great savior, a friend and a hope. He says Amit compensated a lot with his personal strength and ways of working. Many times different points of view arise but Anish sees them as emerging new insights of future. Anish says he was inspired and borrowed lot of features from my life and ways of working with creativity. He says, he learnt from me how to get interested in different fields like medical, musical, spiritual, literacy etc. He also learnt how to enlarge the circle of friends and understand how to maintain it without a breakage with anyone. He found that accepting others for what they are, letting go of what differs and seeing a positive in others is a invariably a great trait, useful as a way of life.

Anish saw that it’s a good strategy of life to develop interest in what is good, necessary and useful for common interest. For example he saw that developing medical awareness gives strength to develop a relationship with doctors in various fields. He saw that family as an integral way gels together and grows in emotional wellbeing by supportive interests in each other. He saw that having intermittent breaks from business and go for tours and travels renews and refreshes. He saw that having a great circle of friends, with or without common interest, build a strong and healthy environment in which all of us thrive.

Anish followed all this. He maintained a very good relationship with Mona's mother and family, Nisha's family, with Amit and with all those he is closely related to . As a result i am seeing that Anish is able to de-stress himself repeatedly. Additionally, his new found regularity in Yoga is helping him a lot. Anish is also kind, considerate, loving and a dependable source for those who know him.

I am proud of Anish and the way he has found his own way and philosophy of living, in great love with his family.