A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


About Amit

Amit joined me in business when our financess we are facing an imbalance between profit and loss. since he came with a commercial and financial background, he had very clear ideas about how to steer our way towards what make sense in business. He believed that knowledge of gaining financial strength is better than having a technical expertise. Accordingly he studied his FCA with a good financial understanding.

He saw his mentor in Parimal Merchant, who is a very close friend of mine. Parimal Merchant was a professor in SP Jain School of Management, teaching Family Managed Business(FMB). It was a suprising turn around when Parimal Merchant, during Amit's graduation in FMB, guided him to strengthen and expand the family business, by overcoming its weaknesses. His interest in Total Tools was a change agent for shifting its business turnover, its business pattern and profitability.

Learning from the experience i passed through in my way of doing business, he was firm in creating money on his own rather than running the business in traditional way. He was right on the dot in his understanding. With his ideas, he not only changed the shape of Total Tools size and scale, he also changed the pattern of doing the business in the group.

Amit showed by example and by his way of doing business that it is not always neccessary to be a technical expert to pursue a technological business. He showed that the main thing in business is the economic sense and the share of the total business in the country you can acquire. Over a small time, i have seen him understand the core of the technicalities of our product line.

When i asked Eduardo, our main link for international business collaborations, about his reading of Amit, he said that Amit is a hungry man for business, not an angry man, though he looks angry when things are done in a unbusiness like manner. He said his hunger for business is the fodder for the growth of our business house. In today's times Amit becames relevent because of his quickness accuracy and keenness of judgement an insight into the way trends are moving in futuristic context. Amit carries a quick acumen to judge an every business what makes sense or what will benefit the house. Eduardo says Amit is the lifeline and the conducting thread of meaning in relationships.

What made him really succeed is his understanding that selling a product line does not make the whole sense until it is supported by a sound service facilities. With these ideas, he opened up state-of-the-art service centres at major points of our business application.

In that process it was his native sense of evaluation that he chose Mr. Rajendra Panchigar, his father-in-law, who had a unique technical insight into running and repairing of the CNC Machines. What i like about Amit is his image of the future, his drive for well ordered expansion. He is a hardcore business man and has openness in trying new methods and new lines for expansion. This drive is his strength, although sometimes i see him getting frustated. This could be possibly because he feels himself alone in his drive.

Amit finds his pleasure in three things: Business, School friends and, above all, in his family. His school friends make an indivisible part of his happiness. He enjoys their company, he travels with them and seeks inspiration.

Amit is my strength, He is also my trust and confidence. Though our communications are meagre, my love for him is abiding. I always appericiate his point of view, quickness of judgement and rapidity of movement to make things final. Whenever i see him doing this, a current of joy runs through my heart and i nearly always send him a meaningful message that sums up my appericiation. Many times i reflect Amit's role in my life during my meditating contemplation and i realize that he is the cause behind my restfulness in life.