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With Linesh Sheth


Module Two


Our breath is the biggest source of energy in form of oxygen it spreads into our body .Breath can be directed, expanded, focused and circulated in any organ of the body .

Our thoughts produce action. The image of our thought produces visualization. Felt visualization produces perception. Attraction of the perception produces actualisation. This video effectively shows how we can direct our breath to circulate in the brain, energize it and expand its limits by visualization.

The Process

  • Our brain is part of interconnected organs of the body. It is not a seperate, isolated organ. So when we want to connect with the brain during a process of energization, it is good to start with vital organs at pelvis and slowly move upwards upto brain, connecting with other organs on way.This video shows how one can do it .
  • When we speak of brain expansion, we do not refer to physical alteration of its size, but expansion of brain's capacity. Brain's capacity shrinks when it is bound by limitations that beliefs, prejudices, cultures, religions, education and personal upbringings impose on us. All limiations are mental .
  • Therefore after you energize the brain and visualise the spread of its energy limitlessly, you tend to break mental limitations. When done regularly, one feels as if he is beginning to live with a broader mental landscape .
  • This video covers Expansion of brain in three dimensions:
    • Horizontal : ( X-Axis)that tends to break its habitual limitations.
    • Vertical :( Y-axis)that tends to elevate the quality of expansion.
    • Frontal (Z-Axis) that tends to give strength to face life intelligently
  • The Meditation illustrates this attitude and the process very well.If you like this after practicing a few times, give your feedback, refer this to others and teach those whom you love.


  • There are slides and commentary which are self explanatory in English.
  • SOIL wants to greatly help people of all regions of the earth. Therefore it seeks help from those who woul help volunteer to translate this in popular language of your region.

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